Transform Your Reality

Remove the obstacles, get out of your way, and connect with your inherent brilliance.

Customized, Guided Personal Transformation

Let go of what’s holding you back.

It’s time to release the baggage from your past that has been weighing you down

So that you can move forward free and clear, experience greater inner peace, and reveal your true, beautiful Self (that has been there all along) so can finally live a vibrant, aligned life and do what you came here to do.

Ready to take the journey with me?

Let’s go!!!

  • Shift out of anxiety and stress in minutes
  • Disrupt any negative thought patterns and fully oxygenate your body with guided breathwork
  • Be expertly guided to transform and release everything you are ready to let go of that has been holding you back, keeping you stuck,  making you feel miserable, or keeping you in a funk.

Online Courses for Personal Transformation

Disrupt your triggers, release stress and anxiety, and find more peace and freedom right now!

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  • 30+ Pages of Self-Muscle Testing Insights
  • Why Muscle Testing Works – Science + Biology behind the practice
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  • How to use Self-Muscle Testing in your Life

Expand where ever you are on Your Path!

Unleash the power within you with Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor. This transformative handbook is your ticket to a life of boundless love, abundance, and joy – without years of therapy or endless meditation.

Practical Steps to Transform Your Life: Packed with actionable steps for mind, body, spirit, and electromagnetic transformation, this book guides you through mental growth phases leading to expanded states of consciousness. Experience true peace of mind and unlock the secrets to a fulfilled life.

Master Your Mind and Energy: Take charge of your thoughts and energy, unlocking the potential within. Empower yourself to live a life charged with positivity and self-awareness.

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Harness the Power of Connection:
Discover the science behind energy and connection, and learn to thrive in an energetically-optimized world. Embrace radical acceptance, empathy, balance, and honesty in your everyday life for profound growth.

Journey Towards Consciousness:
Embark on a path of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science. Through captivating stories from the author’s experiences, this book offers insights, practices, and ideas to elevate your consciousness and fulfillment.

Expand Beyond Your Perceptions:
Break free from the confines of the 3-dimensional world and explore new dimensions of existence. Connect with the interconnected world we are all a part of, and unveil the possibilities beyond our senses.