3 Reasons Why Karma is Overrated

At its core definition, there isn’t inherently wrong with the idea of “karma”. The actual definition of karma literally translated from Sanskrit means “action”, and the definition generally denotes a cycle of cause and effect. At the energetic level, that makes sense. Energy is in constant flux, constant cause and effect, shifting from particle to wave, wave to particle, and it is neutral. Absent of emotional attachment, comparison or judgement, an energetic example of karma could look like a wave through the ocean, a flame to a stick, or a muscle flexing. It is all cause and effect, action reaction.

The challenge that we have is that contemporary applications of karma have the same limitations as the contemporary application of religion and any other framework of belief. They are all immersed in very limited and finite ideas, language, and actions that only serve to keep us boxed in and self-limited.

Modern “Karma” is a 3-Dimensional construct that we created to make sense of our world and our place in it.

At scale (the capital “u” Us… humanity), we have always looked for ways to make sense of our place in the universe. From mapping the stars, to exploring our physical world, creating different belief systems, and philosophizing about the reality of reality.

We look for ways to make sense of our individual human world too, but instead of exploring new places and thinking grand ideas, it tends to be more survival-based. From birth we are funneled into one framework or another that inform us of the “ways to be” in our individual world. Who to believe, what to believe, who to trust, what to think, how to think, how to express ourselves, how to be accepted, how to “love”, what to “love”, who to “love”, and even self-soothing mechanisms are all conditioned/ programmed at a very young age. These “ways of being” often serve the family, group, and community and, unfortunately not the individual.

The challenge is that we are aggrandizing karma by falling into the same trap as so many other “ways of being”. We assign binary morality and judgement to ourselves and others based the skewed view that we are not already whole and complete, but rather misperceive that we are “broken” and in need of fixing, require more chances to right our karma, or in need of salvation.

The contemporary (last 2000 years or so) application of the concepts of karma is very similar to the way we apply the concept of original sin to our lives. It is predicated on the belief that we are “less than” or “incomplete”, based on the concepts of judgment, comparison, guilt, and fear (if “bad” things happen to me that must mean I have been “bad” earlier life, or in a previous experience), and it only serves to create more (dis)ease* throughout our internal and external worlds.

We are not here to learn anything. We are here to have experiences of contrast, and release resistance to that contrast. That is all.

The belief that we are here to “learning lessons” only serve to keep us subjective to our outer world and separate from the innate wholeness, abundance, and peace that are already on the inside of each and every one of us.

This separation has been cultivated in the very 3D patriarchal constructs of the Indian Caste System and Western Christianity and are based on separation, treating humans as “other”, judgment, and comparison.

None of which are reflective of the concepts of  unconditional love, acceptance, tolerance, and peace that are at the core of all major religions, spirituality practices, and are also at the core of our essence as energetic beings!

As soon as we disengage from the beliefs that: a) we are broken, sinful, less-than, or unworthy and b) we are here to learn lessons, repent for sins, or that we “deserve what’s coming to us”, we can arrive at place that has less energetic and emotional charge around these beliefs. This is an expansive internal space where we, and everyone else in our world, can exist peacefully in the now, because we are releasing layers of resistance, attachment, judgement and fear that come with subjective, binary 3D ways of living life.

We are energy and energy exists outside of our 3D universe, even though it is enmeshed with everything IN our 3D universe. It exists beyond our limited “forest for the trees”/black-and-white perceptions of life.

Energy doesn’t judge. Energy doesn’t justify. Energy doesn’t discriminate. It just is. Any (dis)ease that we experience in life will have components of energetic/emotional trauma from this life, a past life, or passed down ancestrally (genetic mutation, predisposition to cellular mutation (current model of disease, allergies, and any other number of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual states of (dis)ease). It is the nature of our quantum reality.

On my own personal journey of expansion and return to wholeness, I had a ton of ancestral trauma to address as far back as 20+ generations, and I have transformed past life trauma as far back as 444 experiences ago. Does that mean that they were “bad” or that I was “evil” in a past life? Maybe, but that doesn’t matter… it is the emotional energy that passes down, not the deeds. It is the trauma. It is the hurt. It is the pain, and it is the resonance of those negative life experiences that passes on.

Our reactions, or the symptomatic expressions of (dis)ease, can be violence, hatred, intolerance, anger, rage, or dehumanization…but those are the symptoms of the underlying energetic trauma, not the CAUSE of the energetic trauma (although those negative expressions can cause more trauma all on their own because those negative expressions are also counter to our natural state… thus creating a  feedback loop that magnifies, mutates, and grows the (dis)ease as it is experienced and passed down.)

Why? because our Earth Spacesuits (our amazing quantum bio-machine bodies) are exquisitely tuned and programmed to keep us safe! And the best way to keep us safe is to identify anything that could harm us and then run the programs that kept us “safe”, even if the energetic origin is from previous generations or past life experiences (quantum entanglement).

We are not racking up “karmic debt”. We are not born into sin. And we are not “less than” or “better than” any other being on this planet. We just are. And the degree of the “areness” that we experience is largely based on where we are in the quantum field (where we are on the journey of expansion), the family we choose to be born into, and the energetic legacy that can come with that choice. That’s it.

The reason we carry trauma through generations is because of the beliefs that have been handed down over generations that we are broken, we are sinful, we are “bad” or another is “good”, we are less than, or we are unworthy or unlovable.

Strip away the labels and identifiers, move beyond judgment, comparison, attachment, and every other 3D construct we have created to make sense of our world, and underneath all that is just energy. And energy is much easier to transform than a belief.

Beliefs are just one factor that keep us attached, addicted, or shackled to our outer world… separate from our inner-knowing, our intuition, our innate sovereign freedom, and our wholeness. The more flexible we can be with our mind, the more contrast we can experience and release resistance to, the more we are shifting from living an “outside-in” life of separation and perceived lack, to living an “inside-out” life of fulfillment, intuition, peace, and easefulness.

The only factor dictating the degree to which we can experience the “isness” of life, the peaceful presence, and reconnecting with our innate wholeness is the degree to which we have moved from decoupling ourselves from the trauma loops that play out at the macro and hyper personal levels.

Practicing that awareness, honesty, acceptance, empathy, and balance for ourselves and with others is how we can go from living a subjective “outside-in” life to living a more objective “inside-out” life… free from “sin”, and outside the judgement loops of modern Karma. 🙏



*(dis)ease – any state of disharmony or imbalance within a human system. Illness, anxiety, depression, fear, comparison, judgement, etc.

Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell is a designer, author, clairvoyant intuitive, and energy transformation specialist who helps people remove the subconscious blockages, programs, energy, and conditioning that keep us prisoners in life so we can live a more healed, whole, complete, and connected life.