About Kelli Russell

Kelli Russell is an Emotion Code Practitioner and PSYCH-K® Facilitator with a Masters Degree in Counseling/Marriage & Family Therapy in private practice in Encinitas, California.

Alleviate internal stress, anxiety, and discomfort that shows up in a myriad of symptoms (negative self-image and looping thoughts, feeling lost or stuck, pain, illness, failed relationships, scarcity/fear, etc). Release the associated electrical charge of past traumatic events and negative emotional energy, and establish positive subconscious beliefs that resonate as truth throughout your entire being so that you can finally experience FREEDOM from the things that kept you stuck and live a life that you love.

Kelli helps people shift into alignment with their highest-selves and rediscover their innate awesomeness.

If you’re ready for some big shifts in your life, book a session and let’s get started!

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