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About Kevin Russell

Designer and first-time author Kevin Russell is an energetic intuitive who helps people optimize their lives energetically. Professionally for the last 20 years as a UI/UX (User Interface/ User Experience) Designer and Experience Strategist, he specialized in designing creative solutions that guided a user on a journey, through an experience, to an intended outcome.

After a profound encounter of connecting to his higher energetic-self, he realized that by coupling the skills he had honed in the design field with what he had learned on his own journey of self-discovery, he had the keys to guide others at lightning-fast speed through a step-by-step process to experience the self-awareness, self-expansion, and healing that is so deeply needed today for each of us as individuals, and collectively as stewards of our planet.

Working with Kevin

This is a new way to get different and more rapid results than you’ve experienced in the past.

I’ve been training with, and practicing, different energy/emotional healing and subconscious change tool-sets for 4 years, and had a MASSIVE enlightenment experience on November 21, 2019, that enhanced my emotional/energetic intuition, as well as strengthened my ability to help people get past the BS stories, embedded negative programming, and emotional conditioning that keep us prisoners of our own worlds.

By guiding you past the conditioned programming of the mind-body, and helping you breakdown faulty perceptions from systemic emotional/energetic (dis)ease at the subconscious level, we are helping you reconnect to the core of who you are; a brilliant, beautiful, loving, abundant, empathetic, and compassionate energetic being.

What does a session look like?

I can tell you right now, no two sessions ever look the same, but an energy/emotion session always begins with a conversation. We connect and talk about the symptoms of (dis)ease you are experiencing, and how you would like to feel instead. From there, I tune into your personal energy and we begin getting to the subconscious, energetic core of the symptoms you’re experiencing. Symptoms can often times express themselves differently than the actual root cause. For example, a debilitating case of indecision can have its energetic roots in an energetic trauma or emotional resonance from the past, or chronic knee pain can have its roots in an explosive fight with a parent or guardian.

Once the system has been balanced, and all contributing energetic ‘origins’ have been rewritten, transformed, or cleared (energetically ‘tune-up’), we lock-in the changes at the subconscious level. Before we finish, we create an action plan to take with you in order to support and accelerate the positive changes we just created resonating out into your 3D life.

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