Why talk with Kevin Russell?

What would you do if you could live a completely authentic, healed, and energetically-optimized life from the inside-out?

After a massive enlightenment experience on November 21, 2019 I wrote/downloaded/co-created a step-by-step handbook to enlightenment in just 2.5 weeks that reconciles science, theology, philosophy, and spirituality from a foundation of quantum and energetic sciences.

When I’m a guest on your show, your audience will learn about practical tools and exercises to free ourselves from the prison of our 3-dimensional world, expand into new dimensions of consciousness, and ‘hack’ our biological operating systems to live a fulfilled, and truly free, life.

I’ll also share the specific modalities I’ve been utilizing for the last 5 years to clear the energetic and subconscious states of (dis)ease and trauma that control so much of our lives, and that accelerated my own journey of reconnection and return to wholeness.

This is an entirely new approach to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness and wellbeing, and the book offers a clear path to heal ourselves individually, heal ourselves collectively as a species, and heal our planet.

Topics Include

  • Personal Growth & Fulfillment
  • Spirituality
  • Shadow Work
  • Business Growth
  • Higher-Consciousness Living
  • Higher-Consciousness Relationships
  • Higher-Consciousness Parenting
  • Healing Trauma
  • Human Expansion
  • Life Optimization
  • Personal Expansion & Reconnection
  • Mental Health
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Whole Body System Health