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Course Modules

Module 1: Welcome to the Practice of Self Muscle Testing

Module 2: History of Applied Kinesiology & Muscle Testing

Module 4: Self-Testing Method 1: The Ring Test

Module 5: Self-Testing Method 2: The Sway Test

Module 6: Self-Testing Method 3: The Open Ring Test

Module 7: Self-Testing Method 4: The Bridge Test

Module 8: Self-Testing Method 5: The Thumb Test

Module 9: Confidence in Muscle Testing

Module 10: Challenges to, and Corrections for, Accurate Muscle Testing

Module 11: Formulating Testable Statements

Module 12: Intention Setting and Muscle Testing the Big and Small Stuff

Module 13: Using Scales: 1-10 and 1-100%

Module 14: Midpoint Review: Keep Practicing!

Module 15: Aligning Self-Care Practices

Module 16: Releasing Cords and Energy from Other People

Module 17: How to Optimize Your Alignment in Life: Personal, Professional, and Spiritual

Module 18: Diving Into the Practice

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