End of Year

Guided Lifetime Transformation Event

December 31, 2022 – 4pm PST
Live Zoom Transformation Event

“There is a word that encapsulates the way I’m feeling right now after this transformation event…
and it is whole.”

The old ways are no longer working.

Our systems are broken (financial, education, health).

Just like the Renaissance, we are at the precipice of a massive shift in the evolution of consciousness.

And it depends on YOU…

You being the one to break harmful family legacies,
tear down the false constructs of the mind, and destructive, conditioned behavior patterns.

You treating yourself (and others) better, and becoming unabashedly You.

You stepping fully into your skills, talents, and gifts.

Being awake and aware, inspired and motivated about LIFE,
not some washed out, watered down, scared, worried version of you.

You have already been enlightened, now it’s time to reconnect with that wholeness that has always been within you

It’s time to step into the creation of your own powerful and personal NEW HUMAN DESIGN.

Release the weight of the past and reconnect with love

With breathwork, brain-balancing techniques, and subconscious change
Technologies to transform your life!

In this free, 90-minute transformation event you’ll be guided to release and transform a lifetime of stress & traumatic events, other peoples conditioning, and any looping patterns that we’ve been carrying with us, but that no longer serve us.

  •  Learn 3 simple techniques to balance your brain and calm your nervous system in minutes that you can use anytime
  • Activate powerful energy centers within your body and utilize a special breathing pattern with our Guided Transformative Meditation to release stressful thoughts and feelings from experiences throughout your entire lifetime
  • Cleanse your energy and reconnect with unconditional love

End of Year

Guided Lifetime Transformation Event

December 31, 2022 – 4pm PST
Live Zoom Event