Self Muscle Testing Course

Learn The # 1 Decision Making Tool | Train Your Intuition & Inner Knowing

This self muscle testing course teaches you how to ask your system questions and receive immediate answers.

We make a million small decisions throughout the day and face big life choices that can change the course of our lives. We feel pressure to make the “right” ones, and can become stuck and unable to see the options that exist, or experience analysis paralysis because there are too many options!

This course is for you if you:

  • want to get unstuck
  • sometimes doubt yourself or mistrust the decisions you make
  • want greater clarity, connection to your inner knowing, and greater insight
  • want to be able to ask yourself questions and receive answers – immediately!
  • are ready to live a meaningful, aligned life, true to who you are
  • are ready to trust yourself, step into your power, and live your life with courage and confidence

By learning how to use your body as a truth detector, using a simple muscle test (applied kinesiology) you can make decisions with ease in seconds.

“Imagine having access to more information at your fingertips than all the libraries in the world could ever contain. This course has changed the way I operate in my daily life, and how I make small and big decisions. Thank you for everything Kelli and Kevin Russell!”

– Antoine

with our take-at-your-own pace video self muscle testing course.

You’ll receive 18 mini-modules (5-7min videos) that train you to utilize your body as a truth detector so that you can determine what is really going on and make the decisions that are in your best and highest good so that you can get the most enjoyment out of life.

Take the self muscle testing course at your own pace. After you watch each module, you’ll check that you’ve completed it so that it’s easy to keep track of where you’re at as you learn. Review as needed – they are yours to keep!

Course Feedback

“It’s a whole new world with studying muscle testing. I sat down to work on some of the techniques with the material this afternoon with the booklet. There were illustrations everywhere and everything was there in beautiful organization. I began to understand more and SEE!

I am just eating it up! It is as if a lens was put over what I was reading/studying before and suddenly it all came clear!!! I’m so thrilled! I GET IT!!! All is working for me !!! New world!!! Thank you !!!!”


Make Better Decisions More Quickly

Your body already knows the answers.

But when you can’t hear the message that your system is telling you, you end up making the wrong decisions that lead to your unhappiness, discomfort, stress, anxiety, depression, or even illness or disease.

There is a way to communicate directly with your body-mind system and receive clear answers.

Our self muscle testing course enables you to stop wondering, stressing, worrying, second-guessing yourself, asking for other people’s opinions about what you should do, seeing a psychic, making pros and cons lists, and instead

Learn to:

  • Make better, faster, more confident decisions

  • Trust yourself

  • Live a self-directed, empowered life

  • Reveal hidden truths by tapping into your subconscious

  • Skyrocket your inner knowing and intuition skills

In this online self muscle testing course video series, you will learn the tools, practices, and applications of self-muscle testing to cultivate clarity and confidence in your decision-making, better intuition, and a deeper connection to yourself!
Through Self Muscle Testing, a form of biofeedback, you’ll learn to detect changes within a muscle’s strength or weakness due to the neurological signal that’s being sent, establishing direct communication with your body-mind system.

This Self Muscle Testing Course provides you with a binary code of communication that allows you to get to the real truth beneath the surface of your conscious awareness and beyond the self-protective mechanisms of the mind.

In this Self Muscle Testing Course you will learn how to:

  • Make decisions easily and quickly
  • Guide yourself with confidence in life
  • Ask your body questions and receive answers
  • Tap into and cultivate stronger intuition
  • Increase your “inner knowing” to align with what is in your highest good

Self Muscle Testing Course – $399 for lifetime access.

 The #1 DECISION-MAKING TOOL that provides immediate insight and answers so that you can make better decisions more quickly.

Gain the insight you need to get unstuck

Learn to trust yourself and the decisions you make

Get out of analysis paralysis

muscle testing course guide book
30-page self muscle testing course guide ebook included with the course!

In this online muscle testing course, you will learn 5 different self-muscle tests so that you can find the one that works best for you, and we teach you how to get the most accurate and reliable results.

When you become proficient at what you learn in this course, you’ll begin to feel, in your body, what a “yes” feels like, and what a “no” feels like. You will learn to trust the signals that your body has been sending you all along so that you can make the most aligned decisions for your best and highest good. And when you string together a bunch of positive, aligned decisions, it makes for a beautiful life that you love!

This in-depth, 18-module self muscle testing course includes:

How To Self Muscle Test

You’ll learn:

  • How and why muscle testing works
  • How to optimize your body for muscle testing to receive the clearest results
  • The sway test
  • The thumb test
  • The link test
  • The open-loop test
  • The bridge test
  • Common pitfalls and how to ensure you are receiving correct answers.

Practical Applications of Self Muscle Testing

Building on “How-to” video series and self muscle testing practice, we dive into:

  • How to muscle test to decide about mundane things such as which item to purchase or which menu item to order at a restaurant.
  • How to use muscle testing to determine what resonates as truth within your system to help you decide on bigger life choices such as career path/business decisions, relationships, big events, or purchases to name a few.
  • How to check your immune system.
  • How to muscle test to determine best self-care practices such as which exercise or activity best serves you that day.
  • How to optimize goal setting and path alignment for all aspects of your life.
  • How to check for and release negative, inappropriate, or unauthorized cords that sap your energy.

Self Muscle Testing Course Modules

Module 1: Welcome to the Practice of Self Muscle Testing

Module 2: History of Applied Kinesiology & Muscle Testing

Module 4: Self-Testing Method 1: The Ring Test

Module 5: Self-Testing Method 2: The Sway Test

Module 6: Self-Testing Method 3: The Open Ring Test

Module 7: Self-Testing Method 4: The Bridge Test

Module 8: Self-Testing Method 5: The Thumb Test

Module 9: Confidence in Muscle Testing

Module 10: Challenges to, and Corrections for, Accurate Muscle Testing

Module 11: Formulating Testable Statements

Module 12: Intention Setting and Muscle Testing the Big and Small Stuff

Module 13: Using Scales: 1-10 and 1-100%

Module 14: Midpoint Review: Keep Practicing!

Module 15: Aligning Self-Care Practices

Module 16: Releasing Cords and Energy from Other People

Module 17: How to Optimize Your Alignment in Life: Personal, Professional, and Spiritual

Module 18: Diving Into the Practice

muscle testing course guide

Everyone that takes the online Self Muscle Testing Course will receive the 30-page Radical Enlightenment Self Muscle Testing Guide ebook to support their journey’s into a deeper understanding of themselves.

This 30-page guide:

  • explores the science and biology behind why muscle testing works as a method of self-inquiry,
  • offers a step-by-step ‘how-to guide’ for 6 different self-muscle testing techniques, and
  • provides practical applications for self-inquiry that anyone can use to gain greater insight into the ‘operating system’ of our lives.

About Your Teachers

We started using muscle testing within our household as a self-inquiry tool back in 2016. It was such a valuable tool (that we used multiple times a day), that Kelli decided to become a certified practitioner, using it to muscle test clients in her Psychological Kinesiology practice.

Kevin continued muscle testing himself on all questions big and small, using it as his sole decision making tool for six years until his other clairvoyant gifts started coming online. We have so much to share about what we’ve learned along the way!

We hope you’ll join us to learn more about this life-changing practice.

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