Improve Every Relationship in Your Life

6 Week Radical Relationships Transformation Series

This course is 2-for-1: take it with a partner, friend, or family member!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • The same volatile relationship patterns keep playing out
  • You keep having the same arguments over and over (or you’ve shut down to avoid them)
  • You’re tired of wasting money on talk therapy and/or relationship counseling and haven’t seen any real results (or it seemed to make it worse)
  • You think moving and living somewhere else might be just the thing you need to do
  • You think you might need to find a different partner
  • You feel like you need to take prescribed meds, drink, or use cannabis to be able to cope with the situation you find yourself in
  • Your relationship with your partner is pretty good, but you want it to be GREAT!

But what If I’m not in a romantic relationship?

This course is for you if you:

  • You wish your relationship(s) within your family of origin were different
  • You want to get along with people at work better
  • You want deep, enjoyable friendships
  • You’re single now, but you want a healthy relationship and want to ensure that you’re not going to find another person just like your ex, or keep experiencing the same issues that you had in the past

This course teaches you how to free yourself from old patterns, stop volatile arguments, improve communication, let go of resentment, experience healthier, improved relationships with everyone in your life, and stay balanced within yourself no matter what anyone says or does or what’s going on outside of you.

What you’ll get:

(If you follow the coursework and do the practices):
  • Arguing and volatile communication
  • Getting stuck in old patterns of negative reactions, thoughts, and emotions
  • Feeling out of control or trying to control everything to feel safe
  • Getting triggered by people or situations
  • Taking things personally
  • Hanging on to resentment and the past
  • Feeling less than or giving up parts of yourself to please others
  • Feeling disconnected
and MORE:
  • Effective communication
  • Improved relationships
  • Ability to guide yourself out of drama loops and reactions
  • Skills to remain internally balanced
  • Creating behavior patterns that truly work for you
  • Ease of accepting differences in others and the way they do things
  • Choosing your interactions, reactions, and the quality of your experiences

*All of these usually result in improved sleep, better overall health, and a permeating sense of well-being.


This course teaches you how to disrupt old patterns, stop volatile arguments, improve communication, let go of resentment, experience healthier relationships with family members, friends, and romantic partners, and stay balanced within yourself no matter who does what and no matter what is going on outside of you.


Weekly 60-75 min Class Video and practice material delivered directly to your inbox.

On-demand support throughout the course.


Watch-at-your-own-pace Video Course
Lifetime access
On-demand support
Only $399!

Pricing is 2-for-1, so take it with a friend, family member, or partner!

What you’ll do:

  1. Watch the 1-hour video with the week’s information that is emailed to you each week
  2. Apply that week’s new awareness and insights + integrate the weekly focus into your daily life (with your partner, if applicable)
  3. Reach out for On-demand support/Q&A throughout your course

Welcome to Radical Relationships!

Listen below to get a sneak peek into our own journey, and what led us to create this radical approach to changing mindset, accelerating growth, and enabling you to better reconnect with yourself so you can better connect with others in your life.

You will learn how to:

Improve relationships with everyone in your life from their foundation. Experience more honest, empathetic, and loving relationships…from the inside out!
Gain better understanding and acceptance of others for more easeful, peaceful, and enjoyable relationships.
Rekindle the positive energy in your marriage, or for those who are single – learn tools now to pave the way for a healthy partnership/prepare to meet your soulmate.

Radical Relationships Feedback

“I’ve been practicing all you guys have taught me and it’s TRANSFORMING MY WORLD – Thank you!”
– Tony
“I’m very hopeful, excited, and invigorated listening to Radical Balance now – FANTASTIC! Thank you guys again!”
“It was nice to have a safe place to express yourself, plus the wonderful feedback from Kelli & Kevin.”
– Leslie
“I find myself stopping and thinking more before responding or reacting, especially when things don’t feel right. You offer many great tools and explanations which I am utilizing in my daily life. My biggest takeaway is change requires consistency, it doesn’t happen overnight.”
– Deja
“This has been transformational. I’ll be watching many “reruns” and applying the tools that I now have in my toolbox. I feel like I am a better mother, sister, daughter, partner, and friend. Most of all – I am beginning to like “me” again. Thank you both again.”
– Renee
“The past 6 weeks have been a revelation. I have spent the past year alone growing and healing. I have realized that some healing only occurs in relationships and I now have the confidence to take those next steps with a fresh perspective. Thank you again for everything! I’m eternally grateful.”
– JoAnne
“I liked having a weekly lesson to focus on and the task of the homework, which was manageable.”
– Chris
“I realized that I didn’t fall into a reaction at work or at home! I am letting go of guilt, and letting things go in general.”
– Alec
“I really liked hearing others share personal experiences and see how the material and principles are being successfully applied.”
– Maria

Personal growth through

In the Radical Relationship transformation series, you will be guided through The Radicals: the foundational concepts of enlightenment, fulfillment, and living a life of true freedom from the inside out that Kevin Russell assimilated into his own journey of expansion and reconnection.

  • Learn the tools to shift your internal perception to improve every relationship in your life
  • Authentically speak your truth in a loving, honest, empathetic, and balanced way that opens the door to communication
  • Learn the art of conscious communication to truly understand and be understood
  • Gain insight into the subconscious programs keeping us separate from ourselves, and at odds with others, and learn the tools to pull yourself out of negative relationship patterns
  • Discover the energetic, subconscious foundations of disagreements, arguments, and conflicts and learn how to take conscious control of your interactions with others from the inside out.

Weekly Video Courses – Delivered to your inbox and available in your personal account every week throughout the practice series + Lifetime access to the entire course!

Radical ENERGY / Week 1

We will cover and/or practice:
  • how everything is connected energetically (and why this matters SO much in our lives)
  • how our energy affects those around us, and the world
  • how to move beyond the challenges that we face within our subconscious programming
  • the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of enjoying life
  • about the “virtual reality goggles” that each of us wears
  • how to shift out of negative reactions, emotions, or thoughts that keep us stuck in life

Radical HONESTY / Week 2

We will cover and/or practice:
  • training yourself to become aware of your thoughts and feelings and discover what’s really going on beneath them
  • communicating honestly in a way that will get the other person to open up rather than shut down
  • getting real with yourself by omitting the 3-words that can lead to resentment
  • figuring out what you really want and ask for it in a way that is received
  • moving towards what you want vs. away from what you don’t want – one of the most important distinctions
  • being true to yourself in relationships with others, and allowing others to be true to themselves too

Radical ACCEPTANCE / Week 3

We will cover and/or practice:
  • the most important thing that you need to do before you can change anything
  • how to extract yourself from drama, trauma loops, and conditioned behavior
  • how to move through limiting thoughts, beliefs, and reactions
  • the practice of not taking things personally. (It’s not about you!)
  • how to shift out of an old argument, pattern, or behavior
  • how to release attachment and resistance to rules that don’t exist
  • how to experience all the “contrast” the universe can throw at you and the tools to “let it all go”

Radical EMPATHY / Week 4

We will cover and/or practice:
  • how the culture of our family, peers, and society at large shapes behavior
  • the important differences between healthy empathy and hyper-vigilance
  • the practice of realizing that “their stuff” has nothing to do with you
  • how to have empathy without being a doormat
  • to get beyond other’s actions and reactions to the heart of what’s really going on
  • how to create empathy and understanding as an operating program for life, even for the “worst person” in the world

Radical BALANCE / Week 5

We will cover and/or practice:
  • how to guide yourself through our universe of duality.
  • how to shift from experiencing what you don’t want, to getting what you do want.
  • moving away from asymmetrical balance in relationships – abuser/abusee, perpetrator/victim, and narcissistic/codependency frequencies
  • what to do when a positive change creates an imbalance in a relationship
  • how to cultivate balance within yourself
  • how to deal with personality types that are different from your own
  • how to divide and conquer as a team

Radical FREEDOM & Radical RESPONSIBILITY / Week 6

We will cover and/or practice:
  • identifying the #1 block to personal freedom and how to move beyond it
  • the two-step formula to experience enlightenment
  • how to move beyond labels and archetypes (both from others and self-imposed) on our journey back to wholeness
  • how to release resentment, comparison, or judgment from past experiences
  • becoming the energetic steward of your inner space. Choosing your interactions with others, your reactions, and the quality of your experiences.

Radical Relationships Practice Series

Watch-at-your-own-pace Video Course
Lifetime Access to the course
On-demand support
Only $399!

Pricing is 2-for-1, so take it with a friend, family member, or partner!

Series Attendance Includes:

  • Weekly Video Course covering the material associated with each of the Radicals.
  • Weekly exercises and homework to support the practice and in-class material we’ll be covering.
  • Weekly guided breathing practices and guided energy transformation.
  • On-demand support and Q&A .

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