Radical Relationship Practice Series – Winter 2021

Live Zoom Event Series  // 6-week intensive

photography: Dijon Bowden

Working the practice of Radical Relationships with Kevin Russell, author of Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor, and Kelli Russell, Energy Healing & Subconscious Change Facilitator.

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“My biggest takeaway from the Practice Series is that I am now able to slow down in situations and review the Potential options for how to handle things and not let my mind take over and just jump to a decision just because that’s how it’s always done. I also have learned to listen to my body and heart for answers. “

  • Improve relationships with everyone in your life – experience more honest, empathetic, and loving relationships.
  • Gain better understanding and acceptance of others for more easeful, peaceful, and enjoyable relationships. 
  • Rekindle the positive energy in your marriage, or for those who are single – learn tools now to pave the way for a healthy partnership/prepare to meet your soulmate.

Welcome to Radical Relationships!

Listen below to get a sneak peek into our own journey, and what led us to create this radical approach to changing mindset, accelerating growth, and enabling you to better reconnect with yourself so you can better connect with others in your life.

Personal growth through

In the Radical Relationship Practice series, you will be guided through The Radicals: the foundational concepts of enlightenment, fulfillment, and living a life of true freedom from the inside out that Kevin Russell assimilated into his own journey of expansion and reconnection.

  • Learn the tools to shift your internal perception to improve every relationship in your life
  • Authentically speak your truth in a loving way that opens the door to communication
  • Learn the art of conscious communication to truly understand and be understood
  • Gain insight into the subconscious programs keeping us separate from ourselves, and at odds with others, and learn the tools to pull yourself out of negative relationship patterns
  • Discover the energetic, subconscious foundations of disagreements, arguments, and conflicts and learn how to take conscious control of your interactions with others from the inside out.

Week 1 – Radical ENERGY /

We will explore:
  • How energy affects us and everyone around us
  • The Conscious Vs. The Subconscious Mind and how they affect Relationships
  • Our Multi-Dimensional Realities

Week 2- Radical HONESTY /

First with yourself, then with others…this is part of moving “through” resistance to ourselves and our perception of others in our life. In this instance, “through” is the only way forward.

Week 3 – Radical ACCEPTANCE /

This one is a biggie, and a fun one… it’s time for brain training! : ) as we practice Acceptance of yourself, others, other ideas, rules, religions, governments, beliefs, ways of doing things. Allow freedom – but never at the cost of taking away someone else’s freedom.

Week 4 – Radical EMPATHY /

The ultimate game of ‘put yourself in the other person’s shoes’. If we do not rapidly increase our capacity, both individually and interpersonally, for radical empathy, with ourselves and others in our world, we will be doomed to keep repeating the intolerant and destructive cycles that play out all too often in relationships. There is another way besides meeting resistance with resistance. There is a better way than with resistance.

Week 5 – Radical BALANCE /

Striking a balance in relationships can be hard, and it’s even harder if we aren’t cultivating balance within ourselves first! We dive into polarities within relationships, why “plugs and outlets” fit together due to subconscious patterning, and how to increase positive expressions of balance in our lives.

Week 6 – Radical FREEDOM & Radical RESPONSIBILITY /

We dive into the concept of truly allowing yourself to be you while allowing others to be them and the responsibility and freedom that goes along with it. In this way, we’ll end our Practice Series with a celebration of experiencing Radical Relationships from the inside out,  and will review everything we’ve covered through the balanced, dual-lens of Radical Freedom and Radical Responsibility.

6-Week Intensive Radical Relationship Series 

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Series Attendance Includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute Live Zoom Class applying the principles of the Radicals to the relationships in our lives.
  • Weekly exercises and homework to support the material we’ll be covering and the work we’ll be doing in class.
  • Weekly limiting belief transformation (w/ associated mini-meditation).
  • On-Demand recordings of each week if you can’t make the live session, and Private Online group access for support from other participants, Kevin, and Kelli.

What is Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor about?

Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor is an easy-to-follow handbook that delivers the total picture of how to live an energetically-optimized life. Beginning with the science behind energy and connection, through incorporating concepts of radical acceptance, radical empathy, radical balance, and radical honesty into everyday life, it provides the key tools necessary for each phase of the journey.

*The book is recommended, but not required, for the Radical Relationship Practice Series.

Interjected with stories from my own experiences, this book is a reference guide for how to thrive in an energetic and interconnected world.

A world we are all part of, intrinsically connected to, but a world that is just beyond our 3-dimensional perceptions.

Built on a foundation of ancient wisdom that has been passed down through time as well as contemporary 21st-century science, Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor provides end-to-end insights, actions, ideas, and practices that anyone can employ on their own journey of expansion towards:

  • mastering their own energy,
  • thriving in an energetic, quantum world, and
  • connecting to their own interpretation of ‘higher-self’.

Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor is a practical, step-by-step user’s manual on how to:

  • free yourself from the prison of your 3-dimensional world,
  • expand into new dimensions of consciousness,
  • and ‘hack’ our biological operating systems to live a fulfilled, and truly free, life.