Does Being Self Centered Bring You Closer to [God]?

Let’s start here with the concepts of …..

Wholeness…. worthiness ….

Have you ever really looked into the pure light of a child’s eyes? Is there anything that that being needs to do to gain worth?

Complete chores well?

Get high grades in school?

Obtain sports/athletic achievements?

Receive awards?

The answer is “NO!”

They are already 100% worthy. Exactly as they are. There is nothing that has to be won or achieved or completed. It is their birthright. Just as it is yours!

And we adults aren’t any different! We just have more junk piled on top that we need to clear out. We have forgotten who we are because we listened to people who have forgotten it themselves.

I propose that by looking inside and remembering who you really are, and by guiding yourself to do the things that feel most aligned with that knowing….you are the closest to source energy.

These 7 Principles may bring you closer to understanding that when you figure out what you need to do to feel aligned and alive, you ARE closest to [God].

  1. God/Source/Universe, whatever you want to call it is the pure energy that we understand and experience as LOVE.
  2. God/Source/Universe does not care what you do. You will always BE love because you are made from the same fabric as God/Universe/Source.  (It always cracks me up when an athlete thanks God for allowing him/her to pummel or crush their opponent! 🤣)
  3. The things that we choose to think about and do either bring us closer to a state of peace (devoid of anxiety or depression) and contentment (even sometimes joy) or further away.
  4. Your thoughts and actions that are most aligned with the nature of God/Source/Universe feel the best (if you are being extremely honest with your true self ).
  5. It is up to YOU and ONLY YOU  to determine what those things are that bring you to that state of peace and contentment. AND DO THEM! Not because your parents, siblings, significant other, friends, boss(es), coworkers, community, or church/spiritual group want you to. Because YOU do. You have your own internal compass to follow and your life to create.
  6. Realize that there are no mistakes. Your greatest hardships lead to your greatest strengths. Greater capacity for feeling, deeper understanding, and ultimate expansion, so there is no messing up!!! The top experts, inventors, and performers in the world always say things like,  “I failed so many times before I got it right! I used what I learned along the way to succeed!”
  7. Since nobody can do this for you, stop asking other people what to do unless they are helping you get closer to understanding YOU and making the choices that feel most aligned with you! Consider which of your choices provides the greatest sense of peace and contentment as you imagine doing it. THEN DO IT!

By looking within and guiding yourself according to the 7 principles above, you will be more connected to the energy of all that is!

So look inside!

See what’s in there!

Remember what is true underneath all the B.S.!

When you are doing what you feel most aligned with at your true energetic core, you are the most peaceful inside. When you are aligned with the truth of who you really are (pure love, pure light – a fraction of source), and you are doing what brings you the greatest sense of peace inside, then you are at the state that is most aligned with the energy that is God/Source/Universe.

So what do YOU think?

Does being self-centered bring you closer to God?

Kelli Russell

Kelli Russell is a psychological kinesiologist who helps people shift out of stress and anxiety into a state of inner balance and freedom through subconscious change facilitation, positive mindset training, and emotional energy healing.

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