How to Stay High Vibrational All Day

You’ve read personal development books, you’ve been doing yoga and meditating, watching those inspirational youtube videos…but some challenge comes up in your day, sets you off, and boom! You’re right back in your old pattern of anger, resentment, blame. You get frustrated and think, “None of this is working!”

It is working though. Staying high vibrational takes consistent practice just like everything else that we want to be good at. We just need to pay attention and notice when we’re about to go off course, increase the space between what happened and our reaction to it, and make incremental adjustments. That’s where our inner trim tab comes in.

In order to turn an ocean liner, there is a tiny rudder at the base of the giant rudder that is needed to turn the ship. This tiny rudder is called a “trim tab.” By turning it, a small pressure gradient is initiated in the water that ultimately grows big enough to pull the large rudder to one side, causing the ship to turn. And it takes almost no effort at all. You may not be aware of it, but you have an inner trim tab. And when daily challenges come your way, you can use it to steer yourself down the path of stress and anxiety, or you can use it to guide yourself into a high vibrational state and maintain it for longer periods of time.

So how do you cultivate your inner trim tab to stay high vibrational all day?

First, there needs to be the belief that I am responsible for my own inner state – what’s going on inside of me and how I’m internally reacting to things in my environment. I am not counting on others to behave a certain way, or conditions outside of myself to be a certain way for me to be happy, or enjoy myself. This is up to me.

With that in mind, now we can look at how we can use our inner trim tab. Here’s an example:

So I’m having a great morning and afternoon, vibing high, and come home to my teenaged daughter who’s in a pissy mood and answers me with a snarky tone. I can choose to yell and say, “It is unacceptable for you to talk to me like that YOUNG LADY!!!” and walk away, grumbling under my breath. I might even let it affect me for the rest of the night.

Or I can ask myself, what is one tiny incremental change within myself that I can make to guide myself back into a high vibrational state. So for me, it would require walking out of the room, taking some deep breaths, and deciding what I need to do to take care of myself at that moment. It takes some ruling out, too. So the inner dialogue might go like this:

  • Go back into her room and yell and scream at her. Would that help me feel better? No.
  • Take her cell phone away and slam the door. No.
  • Go tell my husband about our interaction and how disrespected I feel. No.
  • Take some more deep, diaphragmatic breaths. Yes. A little better.
  • Go for a walk with my earphones and listen to a podcast I like. Yes.
  • Turn on Bob Marley and continue with my day. Yes. That feels better.
  • Prep dinner while watching my favorite guilty pleasure T.V. show. Yes.
  • Sit down, close my eyes, and meditate for 10-20 minutes. Yes. A quick way to reset myself.

You see how it works. You select the one that allows you to feel a little bit better and you do it. And then ask yourself the question again. “Now what do I need to do to continue to elevate my inner state?” Just like that little trim tab on the ocean liner, you guide yourself one experience at a time until you are back in alignment with yourself. Pretty soon you’ve turned your whole ocean liner back on track to a high vibrational state.

That was an easy example. Now let’s jump in the deep end with a hardcore example.

You’re walking down a city street, and as you look down the alley, a man has a woman pushed up against the wall with a knife to her throat, about to rape her. Now, what do you do? You still follow the same internal steps. What incremental decisions can I make in the highest vibration?

  • Walk away and don’t get involved. No, that feels like shit.
  • Call 911 immediately. Yes, that feels a little bit better.
  • Yell to get the attacker’s attention to see if that provides a distraction that allows the woman to free herself. Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Or, if you know martial arts, it might be better to be silent as you sneak up on him and disarm him.
  • Run and jump on his back and hope I can tackle him off of her? Maybe….
  • Try to talk to him like a hostage negotiator….let him know you already called the cops and that he can let her go now. Feels pretty good. Hope it works.
  • If I have a gun in my purse, shoot him in the head? Might be the best idea in the moment, but I might regret it later. No.
  • If I have a gun in my purse, threaten to shoot him, hope he releases her, and wait for the cops. Sounds pretty good.

After this experience, you might not think you had a great day after this went down. But you are choosing the actions that allow you to stay in the most high vibrational state you can, even though the situation is incredibly dark.

Both examples require AWARENESS.

Awareness to catch yourself in the moment. To experience the SPACE BETWEEN STIMULUS AND REACTION, and to decide. To make the decision that feels like right action to YOU. I guarantee everyone will come at these choices in a different way based on their unique outlook and the way that they experience the world. For example, my mother would not attack another person because it is against her religious belief system. She would be out of alignment with herself if she did. But in this case, I would physically harm him in order to keep both me and the woman safe and alive if I could. This is what I feel the most aligned with. Each of us must decide for ourselves and choose the action that feels most aligned with our best and highest good.

You’ll probably experience many daily challenges (and hopefully not too many hardcore ones). You’ll get to practice using your internal trim tab all day long. And with practice, you’ll get really good at maintaining high vibrational alignment with yourself. As you practice this for days that turn into months, you feel so good that you start to notice immediately when something is off. It feels so different, that you’re on top of it quickly to come back to balance.

When you look inside to create these little changes, and you take care of yourself accordingly, amazing things start to happen. Your relationships with others improve because you’re no longer nagging at them to be a certain way for you to feel better. The external conditions don’t hold so much power over you because you get really adept at guiding yourself no matter what comes up. Other people enjoy your company more because your vibe is so good – more opportunities and positive relationships come your way. And you start to have a lot of really good days.

And when you add up a lot of really good days, they tally up to a really good life.




Kelli Russell

Kelli Russell is a psychological kinesiologist who helps people shift out of stress and anxiety into a state of inner balance and freedom through subconscious change facilitation, positive mindset training, and emotional energy healing.

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