New Rapid Transformation Sessions Starting June 11, 2021 at 11:11am pdt

As the African proverb goes: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a group.”

Research shows us that belonging to a group not only improves our emotional and physical state but can help us be more successful with the goals we set out to achieve.

Everything that is happening in our world is a reflection of how we interpret or perceive our world. To create positive shifts in our lives, we’ll be addressing our energy bodies and subconscious minds within these sessions, informing our systems of the new deal – how we wish TO BE and experience the world.

All the details about what we’ll be covering can be found here.

From June 11 – July 2 we are offering 1-hour transformation sessions with a focus every Friday at 11:11 am (PDT). The number 1111 is all about new magical beginnings. In life we have many expansive experiences that bring us to a new playing field. If you are ready to reach a new level, let’s do this together.

Friday, June 11, with Kelli Russell – Subconscious Change to Meet Your Goals
Friday, June 18, with Kevin Russell – Rapid Energy Transformation to Get Unstuck
Friday, June 25 with Kelli Russell – Subconscious Change for Self Worth
Friday, July 2 with Kevin Russell – Rapid Energy Transformation for Better Relationships

Feel free to check out one, or attend all 4 sessions to enhance the quality of your internal space, leading to a supercharged life. Each group session just $33, a fraction of the investment of an individual session.

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📸 by Dijon Bowden

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