On The Other Side of What You Don’t Want

So many times you know what you don’t want. You feel stuck, or stressed, or in pain, or unhappy. And because you’re stuck, that’s where you remain – sometimes for months or years. Sometimes for decades.


This world is your playing field, and the entire spectrum between polarities is available to be experienced here on earth. As powerful creators who forge things out of thoughts (everything around you started out as someone’s thought), we get to choose where we want to be within the massive spectrum that exists between extremes. We have free will, and therefore, we get to choose. And it is law that you focus on you will get more of.

When you focus on or even resist or push against an unwanted situation, your energy is directed at the unwanted and you will continue to vibrate at that frequency. You will move closer to the negative pole and experience more of what you resist, more of what it is that you don’t want.

If you focus on negative thoughts, you will begin to polarize negatively, and will downward spiral. Many people and groups get STUCK focusing on the unwanted, the thing that is corrupt, broken, or bad. You’ve got to get to the other side of what you don’t want by identifying what it is that you DO WANT. And usually, it’s the polar opposite.

In order to move beyond the thing that you don’t want, you have to shift to the other polarity, the other side of the spectrum.

In order to create a positive change, you have to focus your energy and awareness on the solution. The desired change that you wish to see within yourself, or in the world. You have to continue to re-focus on it like H.I.I.T (High-Intensity Interval Training) for your mind. As soon as you start thinking about the negative or unwanted thing, consider what is on the opposite side of that, the positive, what you would rather have instead, and remain there.

You can shift your polarity with the power of your thoughts. You have the ability to change where you are at.

By doing this, you will polarize towards what is positive, and life-enhancing. You will elevate your consciousness and experience more positive results.

So first you have awareness, and then you have a CHOICE.  If you’re experiencing something that is unwanted, you must brainstorm the possible solutions, and choose the one that sounds the most in alignment with you. Then visualize what it is that you want with rich detail as if it is happening now. What would you see in your life if you experienced this positive shift? What would you hear, what would you feel? How would you feel it?

Create a clear mental picture of your intent and fix your attention upon it. Live your intention out mentally as if it were a reality. Add a dash of gratitude to strengthen the vibration. “I’m so grateful and thankful that these changes are occurring now.” Every time your mind attempts to draw you down the negative, worrisome path, you must redirect your thoughts to what it is that you want instead. What is the thought that feels the slightest bit better? And what thought is even better than that? What possible solutions are at my disposal? Which one is the best for me to take at this moment?

And from this new quality of mind, is there any inspired action that I feel called to take? (Make sure that this action is aligned with what it is that you DO WANT). If so, follow through and do it by determining what the first step is and taking it. Then the next, then the next.

As you focus here, you will notice that you have changed your mind.

You have shifted your energy. You have guided yourself into vibrational alignment with who you really are at your pure, energetic core. You will recognize that all is well. You will feel aligned and content.

Do this often, and your life will be exponentially enhanced.

At the beginning of this H.I.I.T. training for your brain, you may need to do this 100 times a day. But as you get good at it, it becomes easy! Just as one would train their muscles – something that felt unimaginably difficult in the beginning seems so easy after they’ve done it over and over and it becomes second nature.

Enjoy the training my friends! It’s all part of the journey.

Kelli Russell

Kelli Russell is a psychological kinesiologist who helps people shift out of stress and anxiety into a state of inner balance and freedom through subconscious change facilitation, positive mindset training, and emotional energy healing.

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