One of These Subconscious Blocks is Holding You Back From Everything You Want in Life

Our subconscious minds are incredibly powerful things.

By some accounts, we are only consciously aware of about 5 percent of what we are thinking, feeling, and reacting to on any given day. The other 95 percent (some researchers suggest as much as 98 percent) of the time, our subconscious programs are running the show1.

All of our involuntary, bodily/systemic actions (the autonomic nervous system: breathing, heartbeat, digestive functions) as well as our three-dimensional drives, impulses, fears, instincts, emotions, reflexes, and reactive behaviors are controlled by the subconscious mind. Additionally, the subconscious mind is the repository of every single experience you have ever had, even since before you were born.

Every experience, emotion, stimulus, thought—everything you have ever perceived, whether consciously or not—in your three-dimensional world is stored in your subconscious mind. In this way, your subconscious mind operates like a quantum supercomputer that has been writing programs and software since you were in utero.

Until we are about seven years old, we are primarily building the supercomputer, writing code, and downloading programs based on the world around us. How our parents treat us, how they treat each other, all the playing and observation, and just being alive; we are literally soaking up everything we experience like a sponge. From the age of seven on up, our operating system boots up and runs the programs it has written, as well as the ones it continues to perpetually write in real-time.

Now, every program that we have ever written operates exactly as intended, but maybe not always when you want them to, especially the older we get and the more programs and software patches we add to the supercomputer.

Subconscious programs running in situations they were not intended for and/or that no longer serve us are one of the biggest contributing factors to the (dis)ease we experience in our three-dimensional worlds.

From a processing standpoint, conservative estimates put the capacity of our conscious minds at around 40 bits/second while our subconscious minds are operating at closer to 20,000,000 bits/second. Let that sink in. Our subconscious minds are operating, conservatively, at 500,000 times2 the capacity of our conscious minds.

How on Earth could we ever think there is any way we can ‘out-think’, ‘out-intention’, or ‘consciously outmaneuver’ a supercomputer with what equates to a pocket calculator? That is like putting a penny on a train track with the hope that the penny will derail the train; it just won’t happen. How could we ever change anything internally with just ‘positive thoughts’, or ‘only good vibes’ and ‘no bad days’ ways of thinking?

Okay, so now we have some analogous information to work from so we can deepen our understanding of what our options are in dealing with this obstacle of almost built-in ‘programs of resistance’ and ‘non-acceptance.’ A massive supercomputer running things automatically 95–98 percent of the time on the one side, and a conscious-mind-pocket-calculator-equivalent on the other. So what do we do? What is the simplest way forward in this scenario?

Well, the first thing we need to do is gain more insight into the four major subconscious blocks that nearly everyone has. Luckily,  most of us will only have one primary one, but once we have a better understanding of what the programs of resistance actually are, we will be much better equipped to take a different action or have a different reaction when we experience the (dis)ease of a negative subconscious program running outside of the situation it was created in.


Part 2: The 4 Major Subconscious Blocks We All Have

Now I am not saying everyone will have all 4 of these negative subconscious programs, I hope that you don’t. Most likely we will have shades of a few of them, but there is usually one that is dominant, and that negative subconscious belief will color a lot, if not all, of our life experiences…but only if we let it.
Subconscious Block #1: “My Past Defines Me”
This does not mean that you can’t change or evolve!

We all have negative subconscious beliefs that color the way we interact with our world… it is one of the byproducts of being born into this life. All this subconscious block means is that one of the subconscious ‘operating system’ programs that were created when you were young was ‘being beholden to the way things were’.

The great news is, that we can change our subconscious beliefs at the energetic level. We can effectively rewrite our operating systems to erase the layers of conditioning each and every one of us has, and accelerate us towards a greater connection to ourselves, and an all-around better time in our lives!

This belief may stem from having been shamed for mistakes or missteps as a child rather than having a parent(s) teach them that they are learning experiences that provide opportunities for growth. A parent may often remind the child of the mistake they made in the past. Additionally, a child can learn this from a parent who has modeled victim-hood based on past errors. Because of that thing that happened or that thing I did, I will never be or never have x, y, or z.

You may feel stuck in a loop of negative self-talk, or feel that you have done something in your past that is unforgivable, so you keep beating yourself up for it. Subconsciously, you may think that being happy or having a great life would let you off the hook, so you keep punishing yourself because you don’t think you deserve better.

Every cell in your body has turned over many times by now. You are literally not the same person that you were. Based on exactly where you were in that very moment of time, you made the best decision that was available to you at the level of consciousness that you were in. So freaking forgive yourself already!!!! It’s like carrying around a backpack full of rocks holding on to this stuff, holding on to the past.

Everything is forgivable. You are here to have experiences. EVOLVING and EXPANDING is happening, so by holding yourself back in the past, you are resisting your own evolution and expansion as a being. Every time you think “This is always the way it’s going to be. Nothing will ever change. I’m like this because of something (fill in the blank) that happened in my past.”, you keep yourself stuck in the old ‘gunky-ness’ of what was. Decide right now to let that stuff go. Whatever it is. Whatever box you stuck yourself in, whatever thing you think that you can never get out of.

Everything is figure-out-able. But you have to let go of the old stuff. Really, you’ve just got to start asking your brain better questions: “What is it that I want now?” “What would I rather do, think, or have, rather than x, y, or z that I’ve been stuck with?” “What can I do differently?”. Stop telling your old story over and over in your head, and over and over to everyone who will listen. Start a new story. Let every new day be a new story. You can be the hero of your story. You can craft it however you want. You just have to begin right here, right now.

Subconscious Block #2: “I am unacceptable.”
This does not mean that you are actually ‘unacceptable’ or ‘unaccepting’ of anything in any way!!

This belief often stems from having parents or sometimes a religion with extreme or rigid values/opinions/beliefs. The parent(s) and/or church teach the child that a “good” person does this, and a “bad” person does that.

When the child behaved in a way that was contrary to the rules, they were shamed. In order to gain love, the child disowned aspects of themself in order to remain in the good graces of their family or church. As this person grows up, they will often continue this pattern. Morphing into what they believe others want or expect because they are afraid that the person/group/organization will not love or accept them, or will abandon them if they show who they really are underneath it all.

What if I told you that you are here on earth to have experiences, not to learn lessons? There are a multitude of diverse things to experiences here on earth. Hot, cold, sweet, salty, indoor, outdoor, beach, mountains, soft, rough, pleasurable, painful, alone, with people, up, down, all around. What if it were up to each person to decide how they wish to explore life? “I like that! I want to do more of that.” Or, “I didn’t like that. I don’t want to do that again!” People are as diverse as the experiences themselves.

We all have different likes, interests, values, beliefs. Even people from the same family, even twins, have vastly different ways that they experience and value things in life. So how then, can another person decide for you what is right???

It may be right for them. It may be right for this or that religion. It may be right based on their framework, but you are your own being! You are here on earth to have your own unique experiences and expression of life. No one can decide this for you.

When you squash your own expression so that you can attempt to please others, you will often become sick, stressed, or in pain. You will continue to receive these signals from your inner self until you finally come into alignment with who you really are, and live your life in a way that enlivens you.

And no one knows what that looks like except for you.

So stop looking outside of yourself. Stop modifying yourself in an attempt to fit into somebody else’s guidelines. Accept yourself. Be authentic. Be yourself. It will soon become apparent who you truly align and connect with, and who you do not. Some evolved beings can even continue to have strong family and interpersonal relationships even if you have very different views and opinions. And remember… let others be themselves too!

Subconscious Block #3: “I am unlovable.”
This does not mean that you are ‘unloved’ or ‘uncaring’ or not a ‘loving person’!!

This belief often stems from childhood when one or both parents treat their child harshly, don’t provide enough affection or attention, or abandon them (as extreme as in ‘left altogether’, or even as simple as ‘they worked a lot’). This can also show up when parents divorce. Since children are egocentric (everything seemingly revolves around them), they mistakenly assume that these things are their fault too…that it’s due to some shortcoming on their part. When this becomes your core underlying belief, it shades things that happen to you in your adult life.

Your partner decides to go out with friends instead of hanging out with you, “It must be because I’m unlovable.” Someone you’re dating decides you are not a good match, “It must be because I’m unlovable.”…even if those aren’t the exact words you use.

RECOGNIZE that your natural state is LOVE. You are pure love, pure light. Remove the veils that keep you from this knowing. Remember who you really are underneath all the labels and conditioning that you identify as you, those things your ego wants you to judge yourself by, even when you are REALLY not any of those things.

Realize that you are an incredible and powerful being, made of the same stuff that makes up the universe. You were meant to be here in this place, in this perfect moment of time. Disown the lie that you need to do something in order to prove yourself worthy of receiving love. It is your birthright. It IS YOU, and can truly only come from within you. You are connected to, and part of source.

Subconscious Block #4: “I am unworthy.”
This does not mean that you are actually ‘unworthy’ of anything in any way!!

This belief often stems from having a parent or parent who offered conditional love. If the child did something the parent didn’t like or approve of, they punished their child or withdrew their affection or attention from them. Only when the child did what the parent wanted, did they show love and praise them.

When love is conditional, children can become withdrawn or depressed, or they may do everything in their power to prove how exceptional they are. They become “overachievers.”

The subconscious thought is, “If I excel at academics, if I do well at sports, if I do enough around the house for you, (and later in life… I get a good job, if I make a lot of money, if I make you proud)..then you will finally love and appreciate me.”

This never works.

YOU ARE WORTHY simply because you exist! You are made of the stuff that makes up the entire universe. You must unlearn, unwind, and discard all that you have been taught that says you must do something or be some way in order to be of worth.

This is an absolute lie given to you by those who have something to gain by you being a certain way.

There is nothing that you need to do to earn worth. This is your natural state. You are whole and complete. YOU ARE! and that is enough. You are connected to the energy of all that is. You are part of source and source is part of you. YOU ARE pure energy, pure light. You are an electromagnetic being with a supercomputer of experiences within you – It doesn’t get more powerful than that!!!




Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell is a designer, author, clairvoyant intuitive, and energy transformation specialist who helps people remove the subconscious blockages, programs, energy, and conditioning that keep us prisoners in life so we can live a more healed, whole, complete, and connected life.