Radical Living Transformation Course


This 6-week course empowers you to create a new operating framework of Inner Freedom and whole-system well-being. You’ll learn how to break free from subconscious patterns and self-defeating beliefs, enhance relationships with everyone you come in contact with,  get in tune with your internal guidance system, and brain-train to maintain a state of inner balance, no matter what’s going on outside of you.

Experience LESS: stress & anxiety, Negative reactivity, Anger at others and at the world in general, Feeling stuck, Limiting, negative, self-defeating language, Living under other peoples’ expectations and judgments and MORE: inner balance, harmony, calmness, and confidence, Conscious awareness – ability to see more choices, select better thoughts and make more aligned decisions, Tolerance of others who are different from you; acceptance (on the path to true freedom), Understanding how we communicate verbally and energetically with ourselves and others, Improved relationships with yourself, your family, and everyone else in the world