Podcast Episode 017 – Reclaiming Her Abundance – Session Interview – Kelli & Barbara


In this episode, Kelli has an emotion code session with Barbara, who came to the states from Venezuela. Though she grew up with a lot of love in her family, they were without running water, and money was scarce. She was feeling blocked in owning her worth and having the bravery to ask for what she’s worth in her business. What we uncovered and released were subconscious blockages from a robbery she experienced in childhood and a relationship that had left her in massive debt. Take a listen as Barbara releases what has held her back and reclaims her abundance.

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Kelli Russell 0:00
Hello, everybody. Welcome to the radical enlightenment podcast! Today with me I have Barbara.  Say hello to everybody.

Barbara 0:09
Hello, everybody. Thanks for having me here, Kelli.

Kelli Russell 0:12
Oh my gosh, so nice to virtually meet you over our zoom, I’m so glad that we have this technology that allows us to meet.  You’re in Florida, I’m in California. We’re on opposite ends of the coast, but we get to be here together.

Barbara 0:25
It is wonderful. Thank you so much for having me.

Kelli Russell 0:28
Oh, my gosh, I’m so excited. So tell me a little bit. We were talking beforehand. And you were telling me when you grew up you were in Venezuela with not too much money? Would you be able to share a little bit about your background? And then what you wanted to work on today?

Barbara 0:43
Yes, yes. So I was born in Venezuela. And I moved to the States when I was 11 years old. I did not grow up with money. Actually, very poor. I never thought I was poor. Really, until I moved here. I started seeing everything. I like my house didn’t have AC sometimes, we didn’t even have running water. Like I don’t ever remember, say, running water in the shower. But we had water. And but I had a lot of love. I had a lot of love. A beautiful private school. You know, I guess it’s just a different lifestyle there. Lots of nature. But, you know, money wasn’t an abundant thing. My family wasn’t like, oh, we have money. And we can travel and do other things very small town. My dad’s side of the family, which the family that I grew up with, my mom’s side of the family did have more, more money and, and so I was able to experience running water and hot water and AC in the house, you know when I would visit them. So you know, and then moving here at 11 years old, it was completely different for me, I again, I did have AC and hot water and everything. And I had my own room. Also when I moved here with my mother. And I didn’t know this until later, you know, learning in high school that it was a trailer park where I moved into and I thought it was like a mansion because hey, have my own room. Growing up in Venezuela I didn’t, I actually slept in the same bed as my aunt. And I just thought that was like the coolest thing. And, and then I hear like, oh, trailer parks are bad or whatever, you know, you start to hear those things in high school. And but I at that time at 11 years old. For seminary, United States, I thought it was the coolest thing. And so my mom always struggled, she had two or three jobs. And so by the time I hit 14, I started working, I got my first like real job like cashier job when I was 16. And I’ve been working ever since I am now in my late 30s. And I’ve always worked on all the things that I’ve that I really enjoyed. And I’m currently working as my dream, my dream job and what I love to do, I’ve really found what my dharma is my purpose and I’m living it. And I do feel that I may have a receiving block or money block. Because I’m just having hit those like numbers that I wish to hit, you know, my business even though it fulfills me a lot and I support a lot of people. I’m one to give away a lot, and sometimes hard to receive. And so I guess those are the things that you know, like to work on and maybe you know, my upbringing has something to do with that just growing up the way that I did. Yeah.

Kelli Russell 3:43
The Giving and Receiving thing is so valuable to keep it in flow. Because if on one side of it, it’s blocked, it disrupts that whole thing it’s like and I used to be that way in my household it was not considered good to receive something so I would always stop and say no please don’t give it to me. And it just stops the flow of energy because now it’s more like you give you receive it’s a beautiful dance. But if one side of it is halted for both parties, it becomes weird and uncomfortable. Because sometimes people wish to give to you and then when we say, “No, I don’t want to receive it.”, It’s not helpful to them either. Sometimes it provides a good feeling to give,  right?

Barbara 4:32
And sometimes people’s love language is gift-giving I know Yeah, and I do receive I guess you know, I don’t know what the receiving block is because I love receiving compliments. And I’ll take any gift anybody wants to give me. You know, I think it’s almost when it comes to clients which is like this right now maybe just asking for the sale or asking for a higher amount of that I know I deserve and I can provide He did service for that. I think that yeah, it’s more like that because I’ll receive any gifts I received the compliments. I’ll take them off. Man, it’s I think it’s more of asking for the sale almost. Yeah.

Kelli Russell 5:15
And the first part of that is determining, well, what do you think your service is worth. And it could be anything because it’s whatever the market will bear. Like, for example, doing what I do in this in this realm of you might call it like, energy healing or subconscious change. I know people who charge much less than me, I know people who charge 300 an hour, I also know a man who charges 1000 an hour. So there’s a very wide range, and it’s just whatever you feel that it is worth, and you will attract those clients, like the one that’s charging $50 an hour is going to get a certain clientele, and the one that’s charging $1,000 an hour is going to get a certain clientele. Right. And there’s the whole gamut. So it’s you looking within saying what do I believe this offering is worth? First, you’ve got to figure it out yourself. And is it really true like am I underselling myself? What you know, just really giving yourself the value that you deserve? And then the bravery to ask for it. And then if you already have previous clients, you may need to send them a letter and say, Hey, starting in a few months, I’m raising my rate to this. And these are the reasons why I’ve obtained these new skills, I have these new certifications, I’ve been doing this for more years now, you know, so you lay it out. And then you could offer them a special deal. Like, for the next few months, you can buy a package at my old rate. But moving forward, this is going to be the new deal, right? And just having the bravery to step forward and say this is my worth,

Barbara 7:00
and owning, owning that. 100%.

Kelli Russell 7:03
Exactly. So today we can look for are there any blockages to that to not only owning your worth yourself but then the bravery to ask others to see that, to see the value in that. And to see if we can even look if there are ancestral blocks that may have been passed through the family about money or about receiving money. Okay, so we’re going to be using the Emotion Code and the Emotion Code is a way to identify trapped emotions that are blocking you from anything. In this case, we’re going to be asking your system and it’s like your body, mind, spirit all create one system. And I’ll be able to ask and see is there something that’s stuck there that is blocking that free flow of energy that we talked about, and then we can identify it, if we need to know more information, we’ll discover it, and then we’ll be able to release it. When we do distance work. Sometimes I have clients in Portugal or India or Hawaii, and it doesn’t matter on the sea of energy, we are all connected. We’re connected in this beautiful, beautiful grid. So basically, I’m sending out my intention to connect with yours almost like a satellite to hone in on yours, so that I can receive information that can guide us. So as we start, let’s close our eyes and let’s set our intention for our time together. And our intention will be that we put our highest selves in charge, that part of us that already knows all the answers. It already knows what the blockages are and how to release them. It already knows our intrinsic worth that is immeasurable and will guide us to the route where we could create changes there where they truly matter. And we can change it in a way that’s instantly noticeable. And anything that we do is assimilated into your body with ease and grace. Everything we do is in your best and highest good. And we’ll add gratitude. I’m so grateful and thankful that these things are already happening. We’re having a transmission going on right now just because we’re together and we have this intention. And that feels complete for you go ahead and open your eyes. And it takes me about 30 seconds to do a check to make sure that it’s safe and appropriate that I’m connected to your energy. I make sure it’s safe for you and it’s safe for me. So you’ll hear silence and then I’ll let you know when that’s happened. And I’m muscle testing my hand to receive answers. I’m testing my thumb

Okay, great. I received approval on both sides. And now we’re connected. Sometimes when we release stuck emotional energy, people who are very sensitive might feel it. They might feel something physical, like, Oh, I just felt a shiver. Or I felt like my shoulders could relax, or I felt like I could take a deep breath. Or sometimes people notice later, they’re like, ooh, after that session, I could feel it, you know? And sometimes people don’t. I’m actually one of those people that feels more almost like a no, like, I don’t really feel it when the energy changes. But then I’ll notice that I’m like, I don’t feel out of alignment anymore, or something, you know, so But everybody’s a little different. Okay, so we’re going to check is there a trapped emotion that is blocking you from your goals of receiving freely of knowing your worth, and increasing your abundance in your business so that people can easily find you. And people can see the intrinsic worth that you offer? And it’s like those people that need what you have, they can find you almost like a beacon. They’re like, Oh, she has what I need, I can find her. Right? So

Barbara 11:13
I am, I am full of everything that they need.

Kelli Russell 11:19
So great. I’ve even I’ve done meditation before where I sit on the floor, and I close my eyes and I say universe, please send me those people that I can best serve, or I can best help. And I believe that it has worked. I had some amazing things happen. When I asked that question. Some amazing people showed up in my life that I believe really needed what I had to offer, and huge changes happened.

Barbara 11:44
So I love that I’m going to use it for meditation tonight. Thank you. Okay, cool. Yeah.

Kelli Russell 11:49
Okay, so now we’re going to determine is there a trapped emotion that’s blocking you? I gotta Yes. So every question that I’ll ask will be with those goals in mind that we’ve outlined. And I’m going to be asking for the priority. And things could come up from the past things could be from when you were little or present. And sometimes it’s like an onion. So something might not seem as important. But maybe it was important to you when you were young. Or maybe that outer layer just needs to be released so that the next thing can come up. So we’ll see what it is. So you’ll hear silence again, while I figure it out. And I’m basically asking, I have rows and columns, I’m asking, is it in column A or column B? Is it in an odd row or an even row, and then I narrow it down and I can figure out what it is. So I’m being guided by my highest self connected to your energy.

Okay, there’s a feeling of guilt. And let’s see, do we need to know more about this? To declare it? I gotta Yes. Now, since I need to know more, and I need to figure out your age. Is it okay that we say your age out loud? So I have 38? Is that old your,

Barbara 13:04
for those to be 39? And in June,

Kelli Russell 13:07
oh, my goodness. And you look like you’re in your 20s. So God, bless your genetics or whatever you’re doing with your health, because you look like a 20 year old.

Barbara 13:17
It’s the food is my lifestyle. It’s yoga, it’s meditation. It’s lots of laughter. And I also joke around I’m like, my mom had me at 15. So very young,

Kelli Russell 13:30
young energy. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, and what I’m curious as a side note, what kind of food do you eat? What kind of diet do you eat?

Barbara 13:37
So I’m mostly right now I’m eating for hormonal balance. And so in my 20s, I was vegetarian in my 30s, I went more into vegan raw. And then that wasn’t working so much when I was going into my late 30s. Now close to my 40s. I’m excited for that. And so now I’m actually back to eating animal protein. And just clean on protein and grass fed, and organic and local as I can get it, but I am back to eating fish and sometimes lamb lots of vegetables still, and yoga every day. I’m a yoga teacher.

Kelli Russell 14:17
Wonderful. Okay, so there’s this feeling of guilt. And we’re going to check did this guilt get stuck before? You’re 20? I gotta guess before you’re 10 I got a yes. Before five. I got to know. So now I have between five and 10. I just test each of those ages. Was it at five? No, six, no. Seven. So something had happened at age seven with the feeling of guilt. So at that time, when did you start school? Is it like, here we go to kindergarten at age five. Do you know when you were in school?

Barbara 14:46
I think Yeah. I think the age of five or six. I don’t know that I was in kindergarten. Maybe I just remember first grade. Oh, yeah. I was in kindergarten. Yeah.

Kelli Russell 14:54
And it’s by age seven. By age seven. What grade were you in?

Barbara 14:59
That could have been second grade maybe? Is that right? I’m not sure. Probably.

Kelli Russell 15:06
If you started at five, then it could be first grade was six. And it could be second grade was seven. It just depends on what the birthday falls. Right. Okay, so my questions are, when I’m trying to figure this out is it something that happened at home? And I got a Yes. Something that happened at school, I get a no. Because if we tried to guess, well, what would it kid’s life have been like back then. Right? So you had How many siblings when you were seven years old? One, one sibling. And then who else was living in the house with you when you were seven years old?

Barbara 15:40
Ooh, let’s see. My grandmother, my grandma, Dad, my aunt’s my other aunt, my dad and my cousin and me. Okay. This is my dad’s side of the family.

Kelli Russell 15:52
Okay, great. So because then I can start asking, Does it have something to do with one of those people more than one? Yes. I got. It’s more than one of those people. More than three. Was it the whole family? Yes. Okay. Is it about an activity? Is it about something that was said? Is it about money? Okay. It is connected to money. There’s, there’s something and let me see. It’s your own emotion. There was something that you felt guilty about when you were seven years old. Something about the entire family? Can you think of anything? Well, I’ll

Barbara 16:28
just say what’s coming up from Yeah. I think that maybe could have been at around that age. I really can’t remember, like something came up when you said seven years old. And I’ll tell you in a moment for this, that it would involve them a family in that house. Someone came to say that my grandpa, my grandfather had been hit by a car something or something happened to him that he had to go to the hospital. And my grandfather, grandfather would always go to the plaza. And so somebody said, Oh, he was sitting in the plaza. And we had to take him to the hospital. So we need we money we need. We need to pay to take them to the hospital or something. And that was in the house. And I opened that I open the door. I was a kid I opened the door. And they came in and they pretty much were lying. And they came in stole from the house.

Kelli Russell 17:19
How scary

Barbara 17:21
Yeah, but um, so you know, could I feel guilty that maybe I opened the door and because I did that because I’m the scared little kid. They wanted to come in and so they came in and they stole money and they stole things and they just pretty much out they just lied.

Kelli Russell 17:44
And then when I’m when I muscle test, so I’ll muscle test like are we on the right track here? And I get a yes. So that test is strong. Tell me about the other thing that came to mind when you when I said seven and I’ll see if that tests stronger.

Barbara 17:57
It was my seventh birthday. In I remember it clearly because we were I wanted it to be a costume birthday. And it’s in June. So it’s not even carnival or Halloween. We don’t have Halloween, we had carnival, which is February. And then my grandmother, my mom’s mother who doesn’t live in that house, but you know, was there for my birthday. There’s something that got me really pissed off. And I screamed at her and told her off. I don’t even know what I told her in front of everybody. And she pissed me off so much. I don’t even remember what she said. But I do feel I do remember feeling really bad for being just like a brat. Okay, there, you know. Oh, like and I just remember being really mad for the rest of my birthday party. I felt like she ruined my birthday party.

Kelli Russell 18:45
Oh, well, I wonder if you felt mad at yourself? Or if you felt mad at her?

Barbara 18:50
Probably at my first that her and then myself, maybe I shouldn’t really mean things. And I can’t remember. Yeah,

Kelli Russell 18:58
maybe it’s like, you know, underneath at all. It’s like, we feel bad about what we did. But I don’t know if a little kid would have the capacity to understand that they did that. That would be external. Like you ruined my birthday because you made me mad. And then I had to yell at you. And it feels horrible, right? So let’s see, are we on the right track with that? Okay, that one actually tested weak. So this was more about the robbery with the money. This was the thing that is blocking you. Okay, let me ask do we need to know anything more about that, and I got a “no”. So now we can clear that energy. I’m using the governing meridian, which is in Chinese medicine. It goes from the nose up to the crown of the head down the back of the neck and actually follows the line all the way down the spine. If we were in person, I would use a magnet going down your spine. And basically, we’re talking to your subconscious. We’re asking questions and probing. We’re receiving an answer. And then I’m asking your system. Do we know enough about this now to finally release it and your body? It says, Yeah, so this is just that symbol of letting go. I look at it like water off a duck’s back. Like we’re pulling that stuck energy from the system and letting it go.

Barbara 20:12
So we have, like, we might feel things I am feeling like, almost a bit nauseous? I think all of this is moving and all that I’m not gonna throw up.

Kelli Russell 20:24
I released it right now

Barbara 20:27
Because I don’t want to know that right now that like, ooh. And I’m just like, all right.

Kelli Russell 20:31
Like it like it’s an uprising that you’re ready to get rid of.

Barbara 20:34
It is an uprising. Yeah.

Kelli Russell 20:36
I have this powerful magnet. But also we could use just a plain old refrigerator magnet, or are we are electromagnetic beings. So I’m using my hand, we have this built-in capacity. So we’re releasing it now right now. I am connected to your energy, and I’m acting as your proxy, which means I am muscle testing on your behalf. And I’m actually releasing that energy on your behalf. But they’re in the quantum field. We are entangled. So what we’re doing to one atom is happening to the other atom, we’re able to affect that change. So tell me how your systems feeling right now. Do you still feel that nausea, that upwelling?

Barbara 21:14
And no, I did. I’m a little warm. And, but I got goosebumps.

Kelli Russell 21:19
Okay, so now I’m going to ask is that trapped emotion released? And I got a yes. So we’re just going to keep going. We’re just going to see what’s next. Is there another trapped emotion that we can clear that’s blocking you from your goals? Yes. So now you’ll hear silence. It’s a feeling of failure. Okay, so do we need to know more? Yes. Was it before? You’re 20? No. Before? 30? No. Before 35? Yes. 30 at 31. This is h 31. School? Work? Where are you? I’m getting something about school. That could mean either you were going to school or you are not going to school or feeling bad that you didn’t go to school or something. But for some reason school is testing strong. So what was going on at age 31?

Barbara 22:14
So at age 31, let me see. Was that like, 2013? Seven, eight, more or less? Right?

Kelli Russell 22:23
Okay, let’s see. Oh, well,

Barbara 22:24
that’s for me, because I know

Kelli Russell 22:26
you already would have been seven years ago. So yeah, it maybe would have been 2014.

Barbara 22:33
Okay, I wasn’t in school then. If I was 31, because I turned on June 31. I wasn’t in school. I did you know, when I ended nutrition school. That was 2013

Kelli Russell 22:51
or 1212. Okay, yeah,

Barbara 22:54
I wasn’t in school. I wasn’t in school at all. I did do like an online program. And I wasn’t able to finish it. I was really excited about it. But during that time, a lot was going on, I had to move from California to here. And I was just in the moving. You know, I had $100 in the bank. I was trying to figure out how I was going to do it. I couldn’t do the same week as the course that I had enrolled two months before I started. And so

Kelli Russell 23:25
and that makes sense. Why the feeling of failure if there’s $100 in the bank, you can’t finish the program. It’s time to move. Right that that feeling could be present. I could see that. Do we need to identify anything more about that? Actually, we do need to know more about it. Are we on the right track with what you’ve said so far? Yes. Is it something else so there’s also something else you were feeling like a failure about and maybe a relationship maybe something in the family so what else was going on?

Barbara 23:53
Yeah, I was in a relationship and it ended in a way that I in an awful way could have done better and he was my fault and due to that and the way that he went I was stuck was $40,000 in debt.

Kelli Russell 24:13
Okay. So we can see why this would be a blockage?

Barbara 24:20
Yeah. I feel very guilty about almost cheating on this person not being honest with like, we were breaking up but then not being honest about the things that I did while we were breaking up. So his revenge was to see all that money would be put on my credit card.

Kelli Russell 24:39
oh, yeah. It’s a tough one. Okay, do we need to know anything more about this? And I got a no so we can release that failure now.

Okay, is this now clear? and I got a yes. Is there another trapped emotion that we can release that’s blocking you from your goal? Yes.

This is a feeling of confusion. We need to know more. Yes. Were you less than the age of 20? Yes. under the age of 10, yes, under five is a no. Six, this was age six. Something at school, something at home. Both of those are testing strong school and home suddenly about a family member. Okay, we’re just going to have to start guessing what may have caused confusion in a six-year-old you okay, and sometimes it

Barbara 25:49
can go with what’s showing up?

Kelli Russell 25:50
Yeah, that’s the best, because

Barbara 25:53
that’s what’s showing up. And this can feel kind of personal and weird, but I just do remember at six years old, um, you know, I was kind of like, 4-5 years old, maybe my parents separated. My mom met another man, had my brother…. when she had my brother was five and a half. So at this point, my brother was a baby. And I just remember hearing my mom having sex. Okay, you know, and I remember to, like, Oh, my God, that’s just what is that? And I do remember, like, I guess when they finished, whatever, maybe they came into the room. And I remember just kind of opening my eyes and I probably saw her partner naked. And I remember peeing in the bed and like, just being really confused. Like, what’s going on? I’m scared. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Like, I don’t you know, nothing. It’s just the sounds that I heard and just feeling very confused. Yeah, like going on is my mom. Okay? Yeah.

Kelli Russell 27:04
Yeah. My goodness. Can’t imagine just, that’s, that’s never an easy situation for a child and it’s just like, Are you being heard Mommy, what’s going on? Oh, man. Okay, let’s see. Are we on the right track? Yes. Do we need to know more about that? And I got to know, so we can release them now. Okay. Confusion, and sometimes we don’t make a direct correlation where you’re like, Well, why would that cause maybe an abundance block but it just becomes some stuck energy there where it’s like a blockage in the system. And it may be mysterious, but maybe sometimes it makes sense later to you’re like, okay. Okay, let’s see. This confusion is now released. I got a Yes. Okay. Is there another trapped emotion that we can clear for your goal? Yes. Okay, it is in common. I feeling of bitterness. Do I need to know more? Yes. Before? 20? No. Before 30? No. Before 35? No. 3536? This is h 36. romantic partner? No. life in general. No. Business. No. Family? No. Friend? No. I’m struggling with this one. What do you think bitterness may have been about age 36 A couple of years ago?

Barbara 28:41
Definitely a partner.

Kelli Russell 28:42
Okay. The first question that I asked when I said it’s like something that I would put in a romantic category I got a no. But then when I say partner, I’m getting a yes. Help me understand that.

Barbara 28:57
Huh? I don’t know. Maybe I’m not feeling romantic anymore. No, I

Kelli Russell 29:03
do. Did you at that time towards that person? Oh, yeah,

Barbara 29:07
definitely. It was the year and again, this is very personal.

Kelli Russell 29:14
You don’t have to share it if you don’t want to. Yeah. And in fact, you can think it and I’ll be able to muscle test. I think I will think it. Yeah, because some stuff is like no, this is private. Okay. And I even do that in in-person sessions. When we’re not sharing it with the world. If it’s too personal, you don’t have to say it out loud.

Barbara 29:33
Do the silence and I’ll think about it.

Kelli Russell 29:36
And then I’ll see if cells will connect and, uh huh. And I’m seeing if we are on point with the reason for the bit of bitterness. I got a Yes, we are. Okay. And do we need to know more than that? And I actually got a no we don’t need to know more than that. Okay. I’m still getting I’m just curious as a practitioner, so I’m like and it’s something romantic and got a know. So maybe the circumstances around the bitterness change that response, you know? But that’s curious. Maybe. No, I don’t want to ask you later. I was like, maybe I can ask you later but no, I’ll just assume that there’s something there that was so bitter that you wouldn’t consider that a romantic thing. It’s like nope All right, we can clear that energy now

okay, is this bitterness now released and I got a yes. Now we’ll keep going. There’s a trapped emotion we can release that’s blocking you from your goals. Yes

Barbara 30:44
Feeling that one in my back in third chakra.

Kelli Russell 30:48

too. Okay, this one is jealousy. Okay, do we need to know more? Yes. Was it before you were 15? No. Before you’re 30? No. 30? Before? 35? No. This is also 36. Um, does it have something to do with the other thing? So we know the other thing romantic Okay, I’m getting that we would put this in the category of relationship. And jealous over female jealous over a male? Does that make sense? Male is testing strong, jealous over a man. Or maybe there’s somebody else that this person is bringing up into your field because of him that you feel jealous of? Oh. And this, this was 36. So what do you think that was?

Barbara 32:06
If anything would be a woman in the room. It is connected to the bitterness and all that.

Kelli Russell 32:17
Something that has to do with a guy.

I don’t think it’s as direct as we’re thinking. I don’t think it’s just like he’s my man. And she’s coming into the picture, I get a feeling that there’s something else going on.

Barbara 32:36
I do I may have some bitterness towards another man who was involved with the whole situation from the previous bitterness part of like, not having that back or something like

Kelli Russell 32:48
there’s some jealousy connected there though. With a set a second male. There’s some jealousy. So let me see. I want to read what jealousy is. Sometimes if I read the definition, it’s helpful, resentful or envious of someone’s success, achievements, or advantages? Having suspicious fears, fears of rivalry or unfaithfulness results from a fear of not being loved. And or from insecurity. Yeah. So yeah.

Barbara 33:18
Do we need to know more about a male?

Kelli Russell 33:22
Yes. Well, was there was another male involved and it wasn’t the direct one is what I was getting. Okay. And then I check, we need to know more about this. And I get a no so we can release that energy now.

So there’s something called off-gassing where some people will yawn or I have a friend who burps when she clears energy. And normally I don’t do that. But this time I yawned on that. That was an interesting one. And my legs got goosebumps. Okay, there’s another trapped emotion that we can clear that’s blocking you from your goals. Yes. Another time of failure. So this could be a different point in your life. Sometimes it could be the same year, but you’re feeling it again. So let’s see. Do we need to know more? Yes. before 30 No.  Before 35 No. 35, this is also 36. So 36 was kind of a stressful year is do we need to know more about this failure. And I got to know so often that means she knows what it’s about. Or sometimes it’s just like the energy that is just ready to go. It’s like I’m just ready to be released. We don’t have to dig anymore. Let that go. So in this case, We can just clear that and I just got goosebumps down my arms

okay, this failure is now clear there’s another trapped emotion blocking you from your abundance goals. Yes.

Three number one and confusion again. I noticed that people tend to have “go to” emotions like I might find five that are keep coming up for people. And it’s almost like when you’re in a certain stressful situation, that’s where you go. No, like, for me, it’s like despair and heartache. Or, you know, you’ll see different things for different people like when you get stressed out, so it’s confusion. Do we need to know more about that? Yes. Was it before? You’re 15? No. Before? 20? No. Before 30? No, beor 35? No. 35? Is that 36? Again, I’m going to ask are there more emotions at 36? Is it possible that we can bundle them together? Are there more than four? Are there more than three? Are there more than two? So there are three more emotions from age 36. Is it necessary that we identify them? Yes. Okay, so we’ve got three more I’m just going to identify what they are. The next one is in column A or one abandonment Okay, the second one we need to figure out is in column D is column B. Depression and the third one we need to figure out is in column B 3 Grief

Barbara 36:59
Oh, I felt that right here. Boom, boom, boom, boom. The grief went like that.

Kelli Russell 37:08
Like I’m here

Well, while I’m asking a couple of questions, just close your eyes and ask because this was a lot… there were like six different emotions from age 36 A big bundle. So as you know that it’s kind of like something’s knocking at your chest. Just close your eyes and ask Is there something that you need to see? Is there something you need to hear? Is there something you need to know or understand before we release this? Like basically like, is there a message that I need to know about it? And let me know if anything pops up? And of course, if it’s too personal, you don’t need to share it

Barbara 37:59
What keeps popping up for me. It’s the word forgiveness.

Kelli Russell 38:03
Forgiving yourself, forgiving others, or forgiving everyone involved?


Forgiving all involved.


Do you think that’s possible?




Okay, so there’s nothing more that I need to identify about this. I’m going to release this bundle now.

This trapped emotion, this emotional bundle containing four emotions this time is now released. Yes. That’s good. Is there another trapped emotion that we can clear this blocking you from abundance? Yes.

Okay, depression is coming up. Do we need to know more? Yes. Before 30? No. 37 So this was something 37. Do we need to know more? Yes. Okay, was it a specific time? Is it less than three months? Was it less than six? Was it less than nine? There’s a period of depression in your life age 37 That lasted less than nine months. And we do need to bring a little bit of light to that. So either identify yourself again, if it’s too personal, you don’t need to say, or let me know about what you might have been going through.

Barbara 39:48
Let me just kind of go back. Okay, so during that time, you know, it was I wouldn’t say depression but you know, if we’re gonna move we’re talking on the scale depression anxiety, I do tend to be more depressive and anxious than an anxious person.

Kelli Russell 40:15
Let me read it because it’s a state of being sad, gloomy, or low in spirits dejected. Often a secondary emotion caused by anger turned inward at the self, and feelings of shame and guilt. Especially this is the year right after age 36. Right. So

Barbara 40:39
there is still lingering from that stuff. Yeah. But what came up for me when you said for 37 I remember what was happening during that time. That’s the time that my husband when he moved back to Arizona, where he’s from his dad was ill with and forgetting and how he passed away that year, he passed away like probably turned 37 My husband moved there for my birthday, actually. And you know, it was a mutual understanding that’s what you need to do and go take care of your dad. Within two or three months his dad passed away, but he decided that he wanted to stay in Arizona to try and build a business there as well. So he can have one here all right, and then there as well. And, and I did feel sad. I felt like oh, you’re almost like it felt abandoned, you know, and I do have abandonment issues from my mother. You know, like me having lived with my dad and not with my mom when I was little and so I did feel kind of sad in that way because I’m here living alone and your his dad passed already and you have no business being there. Like you just come back. But he prefer to say that and then there and then COVID hit and I pretty much gave him an ultimatum. I told him either you move back or you if you don’t, you’re not gonna have a wife. I’m not gonna do COVID alone. So he didn’t move back. Yeah, and so and so and then also COVID hits and it’s like, everything stopped for me business-wise, when when it came to my privates, my yoga and studios and resorts I was teaching. So there was a moment of like, yeah.

Kelli Russell 42:27

Okay, do we need to know more about this depression? I got a “no”, we can clear that now.

Okay, is that now released? Yes. Is there another trapped emotion we can clear that’s blocking you from your abundance goals? Got a no. Now there are different types of emotions. So I go to the next category. The next one is called a hidden emotion. This is something that you don’t really want to look at and kind of hide or push down like, oh, I don’t want to see that. Maybe we would call that the part of you that you can’t see or the part of you that you don’t want to see. That could be a shadow. Okay, so is this emotion in column A? Is there a hidden emotion that’s blocking you from your abundant goals? The hidden emotion is defensiveness.

Okay, do we need to know more about that? Yes. Were you under the age of 20? No, under the age of 30 is a yes. Under 25 is a no. This is age 26 defensiveness, something having to do with work something with personal life? This is personal life. Does it have to do with more than one person? Yes. More than two? Yes. More than three more than four? More than five or the six more than seven more than eight more than nine more than 10 So something with a large group of people over 10 something that has to do with defensiveness at age 26.

Barbara 44:19
I can tell you something for sure that was coming up for me. I was actually in martial arts so that’s kind of like what’s coming up for me I don’t know I was working on a lot of blocks and defending

Kelli Russell 44:50
That tests strong. Do me a favor. I’m going to have you say your name out loud because I want to test that to make sure that we’re like so on point. So just look down with your eyes and say My name is Barbara. My name is Barbara. Okay. And now say my name is Larry. My name is Larry. Okay, that tested week. So this is hidden defensiveness age 26 Something to do with martial arts, all of that tested strong. Yes, yes. Do we need to know more about that? Yes, we do. Okay. Is it something in addition to martial arts? Yes. Okay, so there’s martial arts is yes. But there’s also something else going on in your life that you had a reason to be defensive for. It’s your own emotion felt towards others. So something else was going on to where you felt like you needed to protect yourself.

Barbara 45:38
You know, it was in a relationship. Everything was good is that time when I’m starting to get into yoga and really great job.

Kelli Russell 45:48
Let me read it, maybe it’ll help. So the state of resisting attack or protecting oneself, being sensitive to the threat of criticism or injury to one’s ego, being on guard against real or imagined threats to one person to one’s person, physical and or emotional. So and this is a hidden emotion, this is one that you don’t want to look at. So it could be I mean, did you say you’re just getting into yoga? You know,

Barbara 46:19
I’m wondering if it’s, I don’t know, because I think I was maybe like, 27 at the time, maybe six months out, and I remember 2009 whatever that was, for me. I did have a really bad breakup. And in I think, at the same time I got laid off that was 2009. Okay. So I was like, on my own and I had to fend for myself and I had to like look for work, and I had to figure it out. And then my partner for years leaves me because he cheated on me. You know? So I don’t know if that’s that time of 26 I can’t do math right now. Blogger, but numbers.

Kelli Russell 47:05
I know. It’s sometimes it’s hard. You’re like is it the year or is it my age? It starts to get tricky. I think it’s

Barbara 47:13
almost around that time as inline to 2019 will be 1020 2112 years ago. Yeah, I think that’s I had to like defend myself and like fend for myself and figure things out and how to dig myself

Kelli Russell 47:34
and also martial arts.

Barbara 47:38
And so we were doing that kind of practice together. We were doing martial arts together and then he did cheat on me with somebody from class.

Kelli Russell 47:49
Oh, interesting. Okay. Okay, do we need to know more about this before I can clear it? And I got a no so we can release that now.

This energy is now clear. There’s another hidden emotion that we can release this blocking you from abundance? I got a yes. in column A 2 betrayal.

Okay, do we need to know more? Yes, we need to know more under 20 is a no under 30 is a no under 36. And now 36 Up 37. This is 37. So I’m just wondering if it’s related to your husband moving to Arizona. I got a Yeah. And is it something more than that? I got a Yes. Any other betrayal that you can name around? 37?

Barbara 48:52
Yes, I’ll keep that private. Okay. Betrayal in my life. Yeah. I think it’s from the abandonment stuff the like, believe like, Oh, my mom left me I’m going to be laughed and blah, blah, blah. So I’ve attracted that, I guess.

Kelli Russell 49:12
And I think it does happen a lot in people’s lives. You know, it’s just, it’s sad but true. It does. It’s pretty prevalent. I wish it weren’t but it does come up quite a bit. No, you’re not alone in that. Okay, so this betrayal do we need to know more? Okay, great. You’ve identified it we can release that now.

Okay, this emotion is now clear. Is there another one that would be a priority that we can release? No. So there are just a few more that I want to check for with the time that we have. There’s something called an emotional resonance which is like an emotion that is felt throughout the entire body almost like you’re stuck like a bell, ringing like a vibration. Is there an emotional resonance that we can release? It’s blocking you from abundance and your specific goals with abundance Yes, it’s in column A and row two row four number two bitterness coming up again okay, we need to know more actually got a no so perhaps we’ve already identified that and we can release it now

was trapped emotions now clear

is there another emotional resonance we can clear that’s blocking you from your goals with abundance? No. We have time for probably two more so I’ll just ask for whatever the priority. It’s ancestral? Yes. Both of those are ancestral. Is this ancestral emotion in column A odd row? And row three is crying ancestral discouragement. Okay, this discouragement is on mom’s side that tested weak This is on dad’s side. Going back more than five generations was a yes more than 10 more than 15 is a no. So 10, 11, 11 generations back on dad’s side. We can clear that now. Okay, releasing. So is your dad still alive? No, he passed. I’m so sorry to hear that. We release it from the entire line including those that have passed on that that energy is just cleared from the line okay, this emotion is now released. Okay, so the other one is it an in-utero emotion? Yes. There’s an in-utero emotion that’s a priority to clear that’s blocking you it’s in column A row two, despair. In-utero despair absorbed from your mom

Kelli Russell 52:17

Okay, do we need to know more? Yes. Okay. Was it second trimester, third trimester? I can release it now. Yes. Okay. Great.

Okay, this emotion is now clear. Yes. Okay. So when do you remember earlier, we were talking about a meditation that you were going to do? And you said, Oh, I can do that meditation tonight. Which one was that?

Barbara 53:09
I think you mentioned something like, send me Ooh, did you see that light flicker? Yeah, I think you said something about sending me the clients that need my support.

Kelli Russell 53:24
Please send me those that I can help the most.

Barbara 53:27
Yeah, please send me those that I can help the most. Okay. And you know that we’ve been at this, like, for a few weeks. Yeah. Right. Since you posted something, and then we decided to do this, I would say that the last four weeks or last month have been very, very productive and abundant for me, like awesome. Just receiving a lot of new clients new a lot of new opportunities. And we just wanted to put that there. It just came to me.

Kelli Russell 54:06
Yeah, I think sometimes I look at it like, like, I’m holding this piece of paper for those listening. And I have this pen. And it’s almost like the universe is a waiter, ready to take your order? And it’s like, yes, what do you want? And it’s almost like we must define it in some way. Like, what would it mean to be wealthy? What would it mean to be successful? How do you define it? What amount, and then once you get a little momentum, like, because we start with knowing what we don’t want, like, I don’t want what I have right now this is not good. And then that spurs a new momentous thought, Well, what I want is the opposite of that. I want all these other great things in my life. And simply by that definition of putting that thought out there of what you want It’s almost like a ripple effect where it’s heard in the universe is like, oh, that’s what you want. Okay, let’s, let’s get the ball rolling in that direction. So to me, that makes perfect sense, just as we started our session with our eyes closed, and we set the intention. And we added gratitude at the end, because it’s so high vibrational, and just by us being here together, that’s already occurring, all these changes are occurring. So even just when you reached out before we had even had our session, you have the energy already going that direction, like, this is what I want, this is what we’re going to move it towards. And that’s beautiful and beautiful that you could recognize and see that too. So I’m going to give you a different meditation to do tonight. And you can use the, you know, the universe one on a different day. Okay, let me guide you into the position you’ll take. And you can do this later before you go to bed or whatever. Take your left ankle and cross it over your right.

Barbara 56:06
It’s there. Okay. All right.

Kelli Russell 56:09
Take your arms out in front of you and bring your left wrist on top of your right, turn your thumbs down, interlace your fingers, hands either to the lap or hands to heart center, and the elbows will go down. So this is called a whole-brain posture. And it’s a technique, I mean, you’re a yogi. So you know, like alternate nostril breath can balance the hemispheres of the brain. This is a seated posture that can also bring the brain to balance. And this one is going to be a meditation of forgiveness. So just remember, left, you’ve got your left hand on top and the left leg on top. And I can write you a little note later so that you know how to do it. This is going to be about what happened at age 36. Because it seemed to be a bigger bundle based on our work today. And since we were asking for the priority, it was a bigger blockage. So I’d like you to in this meditation, you’re going to go back as early as you need to, but it’s regarding the stuff that happened at age 36. And you’re going to move into a meditation of forgiveness where you can think about what happened and acknowledge it. But move through that into a space where you’re forgiving yourself and you’re forgiving each person involved. And you can even forgive God, the universe, whatever you want to call that you can even forgive that for even letting it be a possibility in your life. So it’s just a massive release. And with forgiveness, it’s almost like you know, when we harbor these feelings, and I’m sure you’re not doing it intentionally, this is subconscious stuff. But it’s almost like having this backpack, and we put the rock into the backpack, and another rock and another rock all these emotions and all these negative feelings. And then we’re carrying around this backpack, and it’s so heavy. But then sometimes it’s like, we don’t really know how or we get so used to it, there’s this weight that we carry with us. And then when we release it, we start taking those rocks out. It’s just such a lightness. And even if people did you massively wrong, if you’ve can forgive, it’s such a boon to you, like do it for you, because it feels so good to let that old junk go. So it really is a selfish act in some way. Because it’s like, I don’t want to carry those rocks anymore. So no matter what anybody else did to me, I’m going to release it for the benefit of me because my spirit will evolve, my energy will grow my everything gets a little bit lighter and the vibration goes higher. So I’d like you to walk yourself through that whole like what happened, then forgiving each person forgiving yourself forgiving the universe. And you can even imagine letting those energies go. And then you’ll just wait until you get some type of sign like You’re like I think it’s complete, I think it’s done. And then you’ll release it. Okay, so go ahead and you can let go of that posture can shake it out a little bit or if your wrist feel sore, you can give your wrist a little you know, little massage or anything. Okay, so based on what we did, or maybe not based on what you did, is there a little action step besides the meditation that you would like to take that you feel called to do? Maybe a next little playful step to move in the direction of your dreams? Does anything come to mind?

Barbara 59:35
Will forgiveness work? It’s still continuing. I’ve done a lot of it in the last few years. Yeah. The other thing that’s showing up for me, it’s something that I’ve been trying also lately and it’s been helping me is tapping. Uh-huh. PFT, which I did it during that time that, like, I moved here with nothing. And that was like at $100. And it really helped me ground in I’ve been I forgot about it. And it kind of showed up again, the last month or so like, all these things are showing up for me is I’m ready. I’m ready to like your Yeah. Other things. And so I’m just getting more into that I used to the other day, we were, my husband was driving and he almost got in an accident. And I was so scared because I had been in accidents before and my stepdad died in a car accident. So when he told me that I was like, praying for you, and you know, and so immediately I remember, you know, I didn’t have my oils with me, normally, I would know, my oil to calm me down. But then I started with tapping, you know, and then that like, I could totally feel a calming. Right?

Kelli Russell 1:01:00
And, and where specifically, do you want to utilize the tapping? Is it more about forgiveness? Or is it more about the abundance and installing the positive? Where do you think you could best be served?

Barbara 1:01:11
I’d be honest and acknowledge blocks, and then acknowledge also the abundance.

Kelli Russell 1:01:23
Great. So I’d like you to repattern it with the things that you want, like, money is coming to me in unexpected ways. Money is a beautiful exchange and energy and the energy is flowing my way. And I receive it, you know, things like that. Yeah, I have another one I want to share with you that I really like. There’s a funny one. I know my worth, in the work that I do. Others see it and are happy to pay for it too. That almost sounds like Dr. Seuss. Right. And it’s like creating, and then when you’re doing the tapping, you’re tapping that in. Yeah, I know my worth in the work that I do. Others see it, and they’re happy to pay for it too. Right. I’ll write that down for you too. And take a picture of it for you. But you create your own, like the things that you want in your life that are abundant, and the clearer you can get and even the dollar amount. Like it’s easy for $500,000 per year to come to me. You know what I mean? Yes, yes. So whatever you want, get super clear, tap it in, that’ll help you with those rewiring. I love that for your action step. Okay. I think that’s it for today. So we’ll say goodbye.

Barbara 1:03:07
I am I have this overwhelming amount of like gratitude for you. We just met and I just feel like you have so much care and nurturing to like, take that on. Like you know, it’s a lot. I mean, it’s a lot to take in people’s stuff, you know, and here you are, you’re doing it, you’re open. And it’s just so much gratitude. And I totally felt every time you did something I felt I meant to tell you but I didn’t. You said one of the things I forget what it was. And I felt it in my fingertips. I felt like at my fingertips. I felt it in my heart. I felt it in my stomach. I felt that nauseous feeling and is incredible. You know, I was kinda like, am I gonna feel anything you know, and it was like, all the things. So I appreciate you also for working through that and your time, your energy. It’s incredible. And I feel like it’s been working since even since we connected online even, you know. So just an overwhelming amount of gratitude. Thank you so much. You’re so kind. Oh,

Kelli Russell 1:04:16
I really enjoyed connecting with you in this way. And I hope that if there’s anybody listening or watching that, that something that we did connected to them in some way or inspired them, or maybe they don’t feel so alone. Maybe they’ve had similar experiences, and they’re like, oh, yeah, I’ve had that too, you know, so, I’m so appreciative for you. So thank you so much for being a part of it. Thank you. Alright, goodbye, everybody. Goodbye.

Kelli Russell

Kelli Russell is a psychological kinesiologist who helps people shift out of stress and anxiety into a state of inner balance and freedom through subconscious change facilitation, positive mindset training, and emotional energy healing.