Self Muscle Testing Course



You don’t need to be a medium to tap into your inner knowing!

Our bodies are natural biofeedback machines, and we have the ability to ask our system questions and receive answers.

Self muscle testing is the key to accessing our bio-systems information at the subconscious level. In this online video class series, we will be teaching you the tools, practices, and applications of self muscle testing.

Learn how to:

  • Make decisions with ease
  • Guide yourself with confidence in life
  • Tap into, and cultivate stronger intuition
  • Increase your “inner knowing” to align with your positive, strong inner-self

Muscle testing is an incredible communication tool that allows you to tap into your body-mind system, ask questions, and receive answers. Every minute your subconscious mind takes in 40 million bits of information. Every sight, smell, touch, taste, and experience you’ve had your entire life is stored within the supercomputer of YOU!

By applying pressure to a muscle (in self-testing we usually test the strength of a finger) while making statements or asking questions, you can see what makes your body go strong or weak. Being truthful (a “yes” response) and things that you enjoy thinking about make your body strong, whereas saying something false (a “no” response) and things that cause you stress when you think of them make your body go weak.

It’s a way to tap into your innermost self to determine what’s really going on in there. A way to discover what’s beneath the surface of your conscious awareness; direct access to your current status. For example, your body-mind system already knows on a scale from 1-100 how optimized your immune system is right now. It knows on a scale from 1-100 how much you’d like to have one career option vs. how much you resonate with having the other career. Your system even knows if you prefer to purchase the red shirt more than the blue shirt or whether or not you are vibing with attending a certain event.

You won’t have to call your family or friends for advice, you won’t have to meditate for an hour, you won’t have to write lists with columns to try to decide! You’ll be able to simply ask your system what is going on, and receive a clear response.

Special Bonus Offer

Everyone that takes the online Self Muscle Testing Class Series will also receive the 30-page Self Muscle Testing Guide ebook to support their journey’s into a deeper understanding of themselves.

This 30-page guide:

  • explores the science and biology behind why muscle testing works as a method of self-inquiry,
  • offers a step-by-step ‘how-to guide’ for 6 different self-muscle testing techniques, and
  • provides practical applications for self-inquiry that anyone can use to gain greater insight into the ‘operating system’ of our lives.
  • Quizzes

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