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Exclusive Supplementary Self-Muscle Testing Guide to the book Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor

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  • 30+ Pages of Self-Muscle Testing Insights
  • Why Muscle Testing Works – Science + Biology behind the practice
  • 6 Self-Muscle Testing techniques and practices
  • Troubleshooting and the Methodology behind Self-Muscle Testing
  • How to use Self-Muscle Testing in your Life
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Learn to tap into your OWN energy and release yourself from being controlled by your subconscious mind!

Conservative estimates put the processing capacity of our subconscious1 minds at around 500,000x more powerful than our conscious minds…. and it really runs the show around 95%-98% of the time in our waking life.

Our subconscious mind includes things like our autonomic functions (heartbeat, digestion, breathing) and it also includes things like our internal reactions, our thoughts, and even our feelings…

Our subconscious is constantly writing subconscious programs and whenever we feel prickly or are in a reactive state, we are actually running subconscious programs of safety and protection, but all to often those programs are expressed through anger, hurt, sadness, feeling like we are stuck, or that we don’t have control of our lives.

The more we can identify the layers of our subconscious conditioning, the better equipped we will be to release the conditioning that our systems hold on to so dearly, and that keeps us trapped in false perceptions of ourselves, and of others.


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A deeper dive into why muscle testing works, custom self-muscle testing diagrams, and detailed guidelines for how to use self-muscle testing are just a few of the benefits in this ebook!