Simple Technique to Release Stress & Get Back to Balance

If you’ve had a session with either of us before, this posture is probably familiar to you. But did you know that it’s a tool that you can use on your own to recenter yourself in times of stress?

When you’re in a state of stress, there’s high activity in one hemisphere of the brain. If you’re dealing with something emotional, the right side; if you’re dealing with something that requires analytical problem solving, the left.

This Brain Gym technique brings you back to center in a matter of minutes by reinforcing the crossover connections between the hemispheres of your brain and calming your nervous system, bringing you instant relief.

This tool will help you get out of stress and back to balance in minutes.

While doing this activity, allow any thoughts and feelings to arise and then dissipate.

You can do it seated, lying down, or even leaning against a wall. There are 4 Steps:

  1. Start with your right ankle over your left. Arms out in front of you like Frankenstein. Right wrist over left, turn your thumbs down, interlace your fingers placing your hands in your lap or rolling your knuckles up to your chest. Take three slow, diaphragmatic breaths.
  2. Now change the crossing of your arms. Start with arms in front of you. Place left wrist over right, thumbs down, interlace your fingers, hands in lap or roll your knuckles up to your chest. Take three, slow, diaphragmatic breaths.
  3. Next change the crossing of your legs, placing your left ankle over your right. Keep your arms as they are. Take three slow, deep belly breaths.
  4. Finally, keep your legs as they are, but change the crossing of your wrists one last time. Arms out in front of you, right wrist over left, turn your thumbs down, interlace your fingers, hands in lap, or up to your chest. Three deep belly breaths.

Without even looking for it, you may have found that a new solution arose as you gained access to information that was previously unavailable to you in this whole-brain state.

This is something you can do any time of the day or night when you’d like to de-stress (except while driving or operating machinery, of course ; ). It’s also good to practice before you enter a crowded space or need to give a presentation of some sort or before having a challenging conversation with someone. You can even use this technique on the down-low while you’re with others around a table or even during work meetings. Just keep your hands in your lap and no one will know! Haha!

We love sharing tools with you to help you realign.

Kelli Russell

Kelli Russell is a psychological kinesiologist who helps people shift out of stress and anxiety into a state of inner balance and freedom through subconscious change facilitation, positive mindset training, and emotional energy healing.