Stop Worrying About Your Partner Cheating

Stop worrying about your partner cheating.

This tip is for those looking for (or are in) a monogamous sexual relationship with a single partner.

Many people come in for individual sessions who want to work on establishing TRUST at the subconscious level.  They want to trust that their partner is focused on them, and will not stray or cheat. They were cheated on in the past, and have become jealous, controlling, and paranoid (in varying degrees), and they don’t want to be!

But that is an outside goal that someone else will behave in a certain way in the future, and we cannot control others.

Here are the two things that you CAN DO:

You can work with us (or another subconscious change facilitator) to release any subconscious stressors, traumas, or blockages and establish the subconscious belief that you have 100% Self Worth so that you know at a deep resonant level that you are special, lovable, amazing, and awesome. And if there is anything that you want to change about yourself, you can work on that (or we can work on that in a session)!

If you’re happy about who you are and how you’re showing up in the relationship and someone does stray, then it’s about them. They are not the right fit for you and your ideal loving partnership. You can then say, “Thank you so much for showing me who you are, so I don’t waste any more of my precious time. Goodbye.” Or if there are children involved, you’ll have to decide what’s in the best and highest good of all involved. Either way, you have information about how to move forward.

Additionally, you can listen to your own intuition. 

There is almost without fail, some guidance that your inner-knowing has offered that you ignored. If your partner is cheating, there is often a feeling of your partner distancing coupled with a physical, “gut reaction”.  A warning bell that keeps ringing until you finally listen or see the physical proof that you’re waiting for. So tune in, our friends! Listen and follow the guidance of your inner knowing. Feel into your heart and gut and hear the truth.

If you’re solid in your own self-worth, you can be open, relaxed, cool, and loving and enjoy the relationship! If you receive a warning bell from your gut/your intuition, then listen and take action!

We have never heard a case of someone’s gut steering them wrong. Have you?


If you would like to release blockages and establish the subconscious belief that “I have 100% self worth.” or create any shifts within yourself, let’s do it!

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Kelli Russell

Kelli Russell is a psychological kinesiologist who helps people shift out of stress and anxiety into a state of inner balance and freedom through subconscious change facilitation, positive mindset training, and emotional energy healing.