The Apocalypse is coming

The apocalypse is coming…but it’s NOT what you think.

Apocalypse comes from the greek term “ἀποκάλυψις”(Apokalypsis), and it’s nothing more than a revelation or revealing.

A revelation of secrets on how to easily free yourself from a prison of anxiety, stress, and feeling constantly overwhelmed.

An event that enlightens those who feel lonely, isolated, and lackluster about life. While also eliminating all the unknown negative beliefs and mental burdens that keep you stuck, unhappy, and mentally numb even if you’ve been self-sabotaging yourself for years.

With easy-to-understand techniques on how to be more aware, calm, and confident.

Society has imposed on us a way of living that wears us down, and by publicizing these techniques, we’re openly going against it… With this information, we will help you remove all the negative beliefs from your life, for good!

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Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell is a designer, author, clairvoyant intuitive, and energy transformation specialist who helps people remove the subconscious blockages, programs, energy, and conditioning that keep us prisoners in life so we can live a more healed, whole, complete, and connected life.