The Truth about PTSD – Its actually a Quantum State of Energetic (Dis)ease

What we are up against

Our subconscious minds are incredibly powerful things. By some accounts, we are only consciously aware of about 5 percent1 of what we are thinking, feeling, and reacting to on any given day. The other 95 percent (some researchers suggest as much as 98 percent) of the time, our subconscious programs are running the show.

All of our involuntary, bodily/systemic actions (the autonomic nervous system: breathing, heartbeat, digestive functions) as well as our three-dimensional drives, impulses, fears, instincts, emotions, reflexes, and reactive behaviors are controlled by the subconscious mind.

From a processing standpoint, conservative estimates put the capacity2 of our conscious minds at around 40 bits/second while our subconscious minds are operating at closer to 20,000,000 bits/second.

Let that sink in. Our subconscious minds are operating, conservatively, at 500,000 times the capacity of our conscious minds.

How on Earth could we ever think there is any way we can ‘out-think’, ‘out-intention’, or ‘consciously outmaneuver’ a supercomputer with what equates to a pocket calculator? That is like putting a penny on a train track with the hope that the penny will derail the train; it just won’t happen. How could we ever change anything internally with just ‘positive thoughts’, or ‘only good vibes’ and ‘no bad days’ ways of thinking?

Additionally, the subconscious mind is the repository of every single experience you have ever had, even since before you were born.

Every experience, emotion, stimulus, thought—everything you have ever perceived, whether consciously or not—in your three-dimensional world is stored in your subconscious mind. In this way, your subconscious mind operates like a quantum supercomputer that has been writing programs and software since you were in utero. Now, this supercomputer is exceptionally powerful, and its only purpose is to keep you safe in your three-dimensional world. There are a lot of things in our world that can physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally affect us, and it is the subconscious’ job to protect us.

Unfortunately, our subconscious supercomputers are too good at their jobs and also pretty bad at situational awareness.

Programs of Safety – Run Amok

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a good example of when a program of ‘safety’ in the subconscious mind is run outside of the situation in which it was created. Pretty much anything can cause a traumatic experience to ‘get stuck’, but let’s use a military example since those can be at the more extreme end of the contrast spectrum.

Imagine you are deployed, and you and your squad are in the shit. Enemy fire coming from multiple locations, pinned down, fighting where you can, and hoping for support or withdrawal. Miraculously, it comes and your squad makes it out.

In this ‘in the shit’ situation, your conscious mind is in the moment; it is calculating firing vectors, visualizing the terrain and cover, assessing vulnerabilities, and dozens of additional factors. The subconscious mind is running your training programs, triggering physical and mental reactions, releasing adrenaline, keeping you breathing, and beating your heart. But, it is also simultaneously writing new programs, in real-time, based on the current experiences. As I said, this is one powerful machine.

Now you’ve finished your tour and you’re back home. You are no longer in bodily danger, you are no longer wondering if you are going to make it out alive, or experiencing rounds impacting all around you. But if your subconscious mind is somehow brought back to that experience (maybe you happened to think about it, or you hear a car backfire, or maybe you see someone with a suspicious bulge under their shirt or reconnect with people in your squad, or it wells up within you, or any number of additional three-dimensional experiences that can trigger a subconscious response), your subconscious mind activates the programs that were written when you were in it, because to your subconscious, those programs are what kept you safe.

What you are experiencing is an outdated program that no longer serves its purpose, running in a context that it was not intended for. That is why PTSD can be so debilitating and devastating. The program is stuck in a loop, your subconscious mind keeps running it because it thinks it’s helping, but it wreaks havoc on your conscious mind and the rest of your current three-dimensional world. And each time the program runs, it becomes more and more embedded in the system.

Another way to think about it is like grooves on a record. Each time the record plays the grooves get deeper and more pronounced.

To Disrupt is Divine

Now your experience doesn’t have to be as intense as a firefight in a foreign country. All of our trauma and experiences are completely subjective, and it doesn’t matter the intensity of anyone else’s experience. But, energy in resonance will remain in resonance unless acted upon by an outside force. In order to change what we are experiencing on the inside, we have to disrupt our electromagnetic field.

In order to disrupt our electromagnetic field, we have to get to the awareness that we are dropped into a post-traumatic reaction. The practice begins with shortening the duration of time between having a reaction, and recognizing that we got “dropped into” a reaction.

The practice of recognition leads to choice. So if we recognize we are in a reactive state, we can choose to stay there and experience all of that programmed (dis)ease. Or we can disrupt:

Download the guide to a daily negative energy loop disruption practice here.

Watch this video on 3 ways to disrupt negative energy patterns:

And then watch this video on how to Release Resistance and Transform Energy:


Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell is a designer, author, clairvoyant intuitive, and energy transformation specialist who helps people remove the subconscious blockages, programs, energy, and conditioning that keep us prisoners in life so we can live a more healed, whole, complete, and connected life.

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