Why Subconscious Change?

Something is holding you back from what you want.

You’ve tried a lot of things to feel better, but nothing is working.

For years you’ve been saying those affirmations to yourself in the mirror, you’ve been to various doctors, therapists, counselors, transformational coaches, gurus, you name it. You’re still stuck. It’s all just cycle-therapy – rehashing the same things over and over and you never feel better.

Those therapies DON’T WORK because they treat your conscious mind, and that’s not where the problem lies. The root of your pain, discomfort, and struggle is much deeper; it’s at the subconscious level. Old wounds and the beliefs born from them create internal patterns that play over and over, on automatic. The most important job your subconscious mind has is to keep you safe, so you’d better believe it keeps those programs running.

Back when Kelli was a newly trained marriage and family therapist, she was driving herself crazy trying to help people move through their stuff and create changes in their lives. Although it’s always healing to be heard and cared for, the underlying issues rarely resolved. It’s like, “Okay, now I see my patterns and have insight into them, but how do I actually change?”

In order to create fast, lasting changes, we must address the subconscious to let it know that it’s running outdated programs that are no longer needed. We’ve got to inform our subconscious of the new plan.

The modalities we employ do just that. With these tools, we can communicate with ourselves in a way that we never have before. Click the links below to learn more.

Discover the root of your stress.

Release emotional baggage and past traumatic events that block your healing and keep you from moving forward, and quickly create new positive, life-affirming beliefs that support your goals and help you optimize every aspect of your life.

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