Yes, and…?

One of the thoughts that has followed me through life is “yes, and…?”

“Yes, and…?” with religion. “Yes, and…?” with traditional/conventional science/philosophy. “Yes, and…?” with many contemporary spiritual masters, self-help gurus, and awakened messengers.

Being raised Irish Catholic* we went to church every Sunday when I was growing up, but it always felt a bit empty to me. The readings, the gospel, the homily…the repetition of it all: stand, sit, stand, sit, stand, sit, stand, kneel, sit…“Yes, and…?” I wasn’t getting the answers I was looking for, even though I didn’t quite know what I was looking for at the time. That said my favorite part of the mass was the Offering of Peace to those close to you. Eye contact, a kind handshake, a connection. That was always my highlight.

Discovering western and eastern philosophy traditions as I got older, as well as eastern religions (Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism), and being exposed to self-help/spiritual teachers like Ram Das, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Joe Dispenza helped by expanding my ‘spectrum of contrast’, but still I was left wanting. “Yes, and…?”

Meditation, the law of attraction, positive mindset training, ‘the secret’, and quiet mind states are all great, but how do I actually do it? What are the steps I can take to live the experiences that they preach? I wasn’t satisfied with the esoteric dogma that saturates so much of today’s self-help industry, and there were still pieces missing to the puzzle. I’ve heard the ‘why’, I’ve heard the ‘what’, and I’ve heard the ‘who’, but I was starving for more practical ‘how’.

This book is my interpretation of the ‘how’ that anyone can use on their own journey, and I hope it resonates with you. ✌️

*if you are ‘of’ a religion and it serves you and elevates you and fulfills you, and you have integrated the true ‘word’ into every fabric of your life, fantastic! This is just my personal experience.
Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell is a designer, author, clairvoyant intuitive, and energy transformation specialist who helps people remove the subconscious blockages, programs, energy, and conditioning that keep us prisoners in life so we can live a more healed, whole, complete, and connected life.

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